Share files on 2 vero+'s

Have 2 vero+'s and want to share files between them. I can add source eg lounge osmc and it lists the usb memory card but cant browse any files on them I get the message “couldn’t connect to network server”. As this happens on both vero’s it’s obviously something I haven’t done. Can somebody help or point me to a idiots guide.

Have a look at this.

Thanks, did this but not showing up as a source.

It might be helpful if you explain exactly how you are trying to set this up and what you have already done. For example going the UPnP route is drastically different than settings up a file share and using two independent databases. Switching over to a MySQL shared database is even more so.

Make sure to enable UPnP support on both devices. If you want to share files from device A to device B and vice versa, you also need to check “Share my libraries” on both devices in the UPnP/DLNA settings.

I have 2 vero+ both with usb memory sticks and a usb hard drive connected to one of them. I want to be able to read/write and watch media files from both to the hard drive. I have enabled UPnP
on both but cant access files which are on the other one.

If you have enabled the proper settings for UPnP on both machines and when you try to add a source the browse does not find anything then you may have an issue on your network. Both machines must be on the same subnet and have access to broadcast traffic. What does your network look like for these two boxes?

Also if you were not aware to use UPnP the media must be added to a library. That type of sharing does not allow direct access to files.

They are both on the same network I did have one connected by a powelink adapter and one by wireless. I have changed the powerlink one to wireless just to check, just the same.
so if want to use 2 vero+'s, each one able to stream videos stored on the other one, , what is the preferred way?

Well I wouldn’t call it a preferred way but the most robust way would be to enable Samba Server (if you don’t want to spent time to setup NFS server) on both Vero’s and then install MySQL server on one of them and configure both to use the MySQL server.
But one question why would you have files on both of them? Why not have all your files on storage connected to one of them?

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I would have them on one, but thought there may be times I would need to transfer files the other way round, but if it complicates things then not required. I would like to set the download folder on both to the shared folder, so they are all in the same location.

Then just install Samba Server and MySQL Server on one of them. And then point both of them to use the MySQL server and Samba server for the library/sources

Thanks fzinken, but I’m obviously doing something wrong, I have enabled mysql and samba servers but when I go to the library/sources i can see the davesosmc vero and usb card (which i have as the master) but if i click on them it comes up with error file exists.
Just one question on the mysql setup is the IP address, the address of the machine I am setting it on or the one I want to connect to? I have it set to the one I’m on.

Use the IP of the machine you installed the MySQL server on.

For the most reliable system I suggest to use autofs.

Also if using the shared database approach you would need to align the paths between both systems.
When using autofs approach the fastes way is to use path substitution.

Thanks fzinken,
Have done that but 2 things
1, on auto.master if I have a card “Vero128Gb” in server 1 which is DAVESOSMC I assume that would be DAVESOSMC/Vero128Gb and the ip address would be
2 . I don’t understand how to do the path substitution part.
Must need it as if I test it it i get the following message
ls: cannot open directory ‘/mnt/DAVESOSMC/Vero128Gb’: No such file or directory

Suggest to first do some checks. On the machine that is the client:
Install smbclient

sudo apt install smbclient

and then share the output of

smbclient -L -U osmc

Assuming that is the Vero you installed the server on.

Actually if you mount to the same folder on the client than you can skip path substitution

done that and this is what I got.

Domain=[WORKGROUP] OS=[Windows 6.1] Server=[Samba 4.5.16-Debian]

Sharename       Type      Comment
---------       ----      -------
osmc            Disk      OSMC Home Directory
IPC$            IPC       IPC Service (Samba 4.5.16-Debian)
Vero128Gb       Disk      Auto-mount Volume

Domain=[WORKGROUP] OS=[Windows 6.1] Server=[Samba 4.5.16-Debian]

Server               Comment
---------            -------
DAVESOSMC            Samba 4.5.16-Debian
FVP-4000T:11         Samba Server

Workgroup            Master
---------            -------
WORKGROUP            FVP-4000T:11

Does that look OK? can’t check just now on vero as my wife has commandeered tv.

Ok so the share is called “Vero128Gb” as expected.

So to avoid the need for path substitution I would suggest this autofs line

/media/Vero128Gb/ -fstype=cifs,rw,credentials=/home/osmc/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,uid=osmc,gid=osmc ://

With this the files should be available under same directory on each Vero and you just can use same database/sources settings on both.

BTW, did you reserved the IP for the Vero in your DHCP server (normally your router) so that you ensure the IP doesn’t change?

Its that auto.fs in the auto.master or auto.shares file?

In the auto.shares