Shipping delay

I’ve ordered a Vero 4K + on Jan 08. It’s been two weeks now, but it is yet to leave Britain, if tracking is to be believed. According to Royal Mail’s site, it’s stuck in “LANGLEY HWDC”. Is this normal or should I be worried? Order number is 34635.

I also ordered a new Vero a couple of months ago (delivered to Germany). The tracking info stopped being updated after it left the UK, also the German carrier did not update the status properly. But I had a note in my mail box where to pick up the package.

So how long did it take to arrive? I don’t live in Germany, but I’d like to have some reference in terms of time.

It took from August 11th until August 23rd.

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Plus I had to pick it up at a post office to pay some additional import fees. You can read about that here.

Russian customs is a bit slow lately.
You should get things early next week.


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hey sam I also placed an order for a vero 4K and I am in the UK so just to confirm that should ship directly from your london based office, correct ? and how long should I expect for delivery ? thanks very much.

Tracking updated today. It shows “Arrived in Russia” at 11:24 and “cleared by customs” at 11:42. I wonder how accurate those timestamps are. Anyway, I’ll close this topic as solved. thanks for your help.

Yes - it will ship from the UK. Delivery usually takes two days to anywhere in the UK.

thanks for the reply @sam_nazarko the Order #34732 is what I am referring to but I have yet to receive any notification of shipment so just wished to check this has been received as payment has been made thanks.

Hi - the order has been received and will ship tomorrow


much appreciated thankyou.

You’re welcome - sorry for the delay in getting this out to you.

@sam_nazarko Mine seems stuck in LANGLEY HWDC (Item Leaving the UK) too. Has been for a week now.

Can you provide your order details?



Order number 34724. Shipping to USA. Need anything else?

The item was transferred to USPS and is awaiting customs clearance.

Should be with you shortly.


Hi Sam the track and trace shows that it went from Gatwick / Twickenham / South Ken / then back to Twickenham and is now sitting at the Jubilee Mail Centre since 29th with no movement whereas once in South Ken it surely should have come to Fulham could you please chase this up thankyou Andy.

I have replied to your email about this.