Show more information in the "Player process info" screen

When you hit the “Menu” button on the OSMC remote while playing a video, an overlay with information like video resolution, audio codec, etc. is shown. Please add the following information:

Output resolution and frame rate
Output format (YUV or RGB) and bit depth

If it is not possible/easy to add to that particular screen, then please create an OSMC-specific screen that can show that info while video is playing. Knowing what the OSMC device is sending without having to resort to debug logs or reading files in the /sys filesystem can help speed up debugging for people.


This is a great idea.

Maybe to add to your suggestions:

Output resolution and frame rate
Output format (YUV or RGB) and bit depth

it would be awesome to also have more specific information on:

HDR mode and color space mode (bt.709 or bt.2020)
Specific information for RAW audio streams (give the audio stream format)


The overlay isn’t really geared up for this.

I believe there might be some changes from Kodi on what is displayed there in the future however.

So, that window is a Kodi thing, not something you guys are responsible for?

It can be changed in the skin but Kodi only offers certain stats by default. Nothing from the underlying hardware is available, obviously.

Couldn’t it be done to feed more hardware info of the OSMC devices to Kodi to display it in this info screen? Or is it simply too complicated?

Anything is possible, but as what you want is hardware-specific it is not trivial.

So, it’s probably a feature that would bind too many resources to implement. If it’s not easy to do, it’s not something I’d insist on needing :wink:

Yeah, I was hoping it would be an easy addition.

But, I’d even take an option on the “My OSMC” menu that showed hardware capabilities and active hardware info (which should show active playing info, since the video plays in the background). This would keep it farther from the guts of Kodi, and instead be just part of the “My OSMC” addon.

I think shortcut Ctrl+Shift+O shows some detailed info, it’s called “PlayerProcessInfo”

I couldnt find it in the keymap editor addon though, only basic “codec info”

Neither my TV Samsung JS9000 or my Onkyo TX-RZ810 Home Theater Reciever show HDR mode, bt.709 or bt.2020, or Bit Depth. When I play a 10 Bit movie, I have no way of knowing that it is actually 10 bit, or whatever. It is a source of frustration. I hope the info can be added in some future update,

Unfortunately the info can’t be added. It’s a Kodi problem: the information needed to be shown by the skin in the player process dialog is just not passed on by Kodi. So, for the foreseeable future it won’t be possible to implement.
At this point, it even looks like Kodi v18 won’t offer the required information. There’s some discussion about this on the Kodi forum as the Kodi v16 info screen offered this information, but the Dev seems to believe there’s reason not to bring this back…

But for some other changes/improvements of the skin, please have a look here, if you’re interested in testing some of them to make a release as smooth as possible:

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Have put the skin on an hour ago. I will be able to have access to the TV for a few hours, in an hours time, so I will investigate the functions.

Can you give me the link so I can add my 2 cents to it?

This should be the thread: Codec Info overlay

There was one guy there mentioning that he brought the v16 dialog back in his skin for v17 and the dev was not happy about it. It’s pretty pathic… His argument was that the goal is to get rid of old and deprecated code. Well, that’s a nice thing and should be done every now and then. But getting rid of something and simply leaving it in a state that is nowhere comparable to the functionality of before. That’s BS and kind of lazy, IMHO (and yes, I know how tiring coding can be).
Will look at what I can find out about that port of v16 functionality, but I can’t promise anything. :wink:

What I should add: I’m not sure it will be possible to show output bit depth, color space, etc. information. It’s “just” the source information that was taken out in Kodi v17’s process player info screen…

Thanks for the link. I will go look at it.

I have been playing some movies with the new skin and I like the extra info that it shows.
I have not tested everything as all I use the Vero 4K for, is to play movies from external USB HDD’s.
I am replacing a lot of the 1080p movies with 2160p Remux, which look soooo good. :slight_smile:

Coco 2017 looks fabulous.

Just finished reading the thread, As the last post was 9 months ago, I felt it rather pointless posting a comment as the thread seems abandoned.

There was some discussion here, too, but I felt like it didn’t go anywhere either: [NEW] Revised Codec and Playback info overlay discussions and suggestions