Since the August update

Two things

  1. It appears to me that the box is less responsive to the remote I often have to send the command twice. Anyone else noticed this ?

  2. The update had changed my audio out put from HDMI to SPDIF, I only noticed this as I no longer to Atmos - might be worth others checking as well.

Which device are you on? Vero4k outputs to both HDMI and SPDIF at the same time.

HDMI, its was set to that before the update.

Do you remember which version of OSMC you were on before?

Not sure I bought it in Feb this year. I did post a log in this thread, will that help ?

Hi guy,

Same issue here with my Vero 4K+. Since KODI 19 update, when the box is turned on since few time,s IR remote orders are “slow” : need to press 2 or 3 times the key to get the action. No issue right after startup, realy weird :sa:

If someone has an idea …

Which IR remote are you using?


Still the same : Harmony 900. Worked very well since years before last update.

Is it possible that the response is only slow under load?

That was one of my first ideas, I checked in System Info, but CPU / RAM do not appear overloaded :confused:

Right, can think of another scenario.

Play a video – press back and go to menus?

Is the response better when the system is actually under load?

What about the battery in the Logitech remote? :wink: Does it make a difference if you are in the striking distance (<1 meter) of the Vero?

Using URC MX850. Seemed a general thing to me, from the minute I installed the August update, it was less reponsive, often required 2 or 3 presses, I was sitting in the same place, using the same remote and batteries.