Skin Helper errors

I had an issue with this in the past and ended up starting from scratch to get it to go away.
My Vero did some updates recently and now the issue is back and it will not display the recently added movie posters and TV episodes on the home screen.

i enabled logging, did a reboot, and I get the errors while the home screen is loading, then I uploaded the log:

I tried removing the random movie or episode entry in the widget and just leave the recently added to see if that made any difference but it didn’t.


seems to be the same issue like in Just updated Vero to 11-1, Skin Helper Service error.

I was just about to post the same thing. I wouldn’t recommend installing the update with a zip file like the other person did though as I think that might keep it from auto updating in the future. It should hit the regular Kodi automatic add-on repository updates soon. Estuary is not affected if you wanted to use that for a day or two.

Okay, so it’s a known issue then?
It doesn’t prevent me from doing the things I care about on the Vero, it’s just a nagging notification.
I’ll just wait for the official fix.
Thanks for the heads up!

The problem did not manifest itself today when I was using my Vero.
Did a fix/patch go through or something?

No - unless you’ve installed any updates, we haven’t changed anything


Yes, the arrow addon was updated about a day after the bad version hit the Kodi repository and I think the default settings for the Kodi add-ons is for them to check and auto install updates every 24hrs. This should be resolved for everyone at this point.