Slow smb and fstab but upnp fine UHD

Hi new vero 4k user , really like the product so far however I am having issues with uhd content on smb and fstab , whenever I try to play video it will play for a minute tops then I notice in corner of player its 0% cache and freezes.
When using upnp I have no issues but I cant use movie scrapper with this , when I access the smb or mnt mount via fstab I notice its also slow to ready directories and it doesent matter if its wired or wireless its still the same result.
I was hoping someone could be of assistance ive tried searching google endlessly and also done the advancedsettings.xml as advised in another thread before posting here.
my server is win10 , as I say upnp is fine no issues but smb and fstab are slow.

Full log included :-

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