Smart playlist can't find files

So this may be a simple question.

I have a Raspberry Pi 2 and I want to play content using a smart playlist from a single shared folder using Windows network (SMB). On OSMC If go to videos> files>Windows network I can see the videos and play them just fine. The problem is I cannot get the videos to show up on Smart Playlists, I’ve tried several Smart playlist configurations. I can get to the folder shared on the network just fine in Smart playlists, but no videos appear while in Smart Playlists.

I also tried finding the files off of a USB and once again I can see them under files, but not in Smart Playlist, so I figure my settings in smart playlist are wrong.

Does anyone have some recommended Smart Settings rules for the smart playlist, I’ve tried several rules configurations but I can’t seem to find the files.

Match items where (Path) (Contains) Windows network (SMB)>(Workgroup)>(PC)>(shared folder)


Match items where (Path) (Contains) Windows network (SMB)>(Workgroup)>(PC)>(shared folder)
Match items where (Video codec) (is) .mp4

The videos are just some .mp4s, nothing special.

I’m a major noob to OSMC just started using it yesterday and it’s pretty great. I want to be able to have it automatically play a playlist off of a folder where I dump in content, and was testing to see if Smart playlist could accomplish this.

I’d be open to other configurations suggestions as well, I was thinking about trying to pull content from an FTP server.

Same problem here. But only with movie and and tv show playlists. They contain zero files. On the other side cartoons and cartoon shows are working fine. Does anybody knows how to fix that?

Is this fixed? I am facing the same issue.
I tried to add movies by path, isn’t working, please help.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Please see for advice on how to help us help you.

I found the the root cause, I was trying to create a playlist from a folder present in external hard drive.
Though I didn’t add this folder as source for videos, after adding it from “Videos -> Files -> Add videos…” I am able to create a playlist with content.

I have the same problem. I have a number of smart playlists created based on the paths. and want to display each on the main menu.
I have a main video folder path and then branching to other folders which the playlists are based on.

Can I just add the root folder as source?
I have added each folder as source and set appropriate content type
Some playlists are displayed others are not.
Also the Movies and TV shows main menu recent videos widgets are showing double.
Any tips on how to organise my folders/playlists so that Kids movies are accessed through a different menu item?

The problem seems to be with tv shows content type only. Smart playlists will not show for folders that are set to tv shows as content type.

Ok Adding subfolders is a bad idea.

Yea I haven’t worked on this in a while but I eventually figured out it’s because there wasn’t info files for the content, so Kodi couldn’t pick it up (hence why you need a scrapper) I tried to figure out a way to auto generate info files for content that gets downloaded but I wasn’t able to figure it out. Probably could with some scripting but that’s not my forte.

I have set the source to use TheTVDB isn’t that the scrapper?
I use The Movie Database for the movies and that works fine.and not every movie has an .nfo file and they are shown in the playlist.