Smb fstabs under OpenVPN

Hi guys,

i have a NAS at home keeping all my media files. Vero 4k is at a remote location and i use openvpn to connect to the NAS.
I mount the SMB shares to Vero using the fstab bellow.

The problem i am having, each time i disconnect OpenVPN and reconnected at a later time, the mount points are empty. I have to delete them and redo the fstabs at command line, which is very anoying.

Is there a way to automate this, like a mounts manager or some other way to repopulate the mounts without having to go leach time to the command line?

sudo mount -t cifs -o username=xxxxxx,password=xxxxxxx //192.168.x.x/photo/ /mnt/DSphoto/

Below is not a fstab line but a manual mount.
Use a ftsab entry with automount that should make it possible