[Solved] Increase HDMI volume level vs. USB analogue level

Hi All,

I added a USB analog audio device to my Raspberry Pi. The issue I have is to reach on my TV a similar volume level from the Raspberry Pi compared to watching TV (internal tuner) I have to set the Raspberry Volume to 85% but that 85% would make the playback via the USB analog too high. Obviously it would be good to have 50% volume as the day to day value so that I can reduce and increase equally.
So my question is, is there any way to increase the HDMI volume level compared to the USB analog level?



I don’t quite follow your question but if you run

sudo apt-get install alsa-utils

And then run alsamixer you will see there is a volume setting for the DAC. This is independent of the Pi sink. Note you cannot adjust the Pi sink volume via alsamixer unless you load the ALSA module but this is not ideal.

Then run alsactl store to save your settings


Hi @sam_nazarko,

thanks for your reply and I have the Alsa Utils installed. But the point is I wanted to increase the HDMI volume not decrease the DAC volume.

But I assume your comment

actually means the PI sink (HDMI volume) can not be increased independent from the Kodi volume control.

It will indeed by set by the Kodi volume control when pass through is not active


Thanks means I have to decrease USB volume level to match HDMI