Some questions Vero 4K

Hi guys!

New to the Vero 4K but very happy with it :slight_smile:

I have some questions maybe someone can help out with.

  1. I have a 4K tv and reciever (Marantz 7011). What settings do i need to do to have the Vero upscale the material to 4K?

  2. Mostly all movies seems way to dark, almost like the colorspace is wrong or something. Adjusting contrast and brighness does nothing at all. Any ideas?

  3. The subtitles (srt) looks really bad. They are extreamly rought. What i mean is that my 8 year old Xtreamer seems to smoother theese alot better (anti aliasing?). Is there any way to improve? Even my children noticed this and then it’s really bad.

  4. It seems SMB browsing is broken right?

Not broken but disabled because of security concerns.
Check this wiki for workarounds

You will get a better result by allowing the TV to do the upscaling. I wouldn’t bother setting the GUI to any more than 1920x1080.

Ok, for me this sounds strange considering the Vero 4K has modern hardware and is made for playback and HW accelerating playback etc. Or is it current software that is the limit?

I think Vero4k actually upscales video material by default if it gets 4k capability from the TV. You have to connect the TV and receiver in the right order for vero to read its EDID (and that may be why you are getting dark pictures). Somewhere in here there’s a thread from people asking for an option to send the native resolution to the display to let the display do the upscaling because they think the TV does a better job.

Settings-System-Display-Resolution affects only the GUI whih has been designed for 1920x1080.

My experience exactly. The scaler of the TV is optimized for the TV so it pulls out all sorts of tricks to “enhance” the image to give the best result on your TV. This would not be the case of the Vero4K scaler as it has to do this “genericly”.

Thanks for your reply @grahamh. However if i play a file that is 1080p native the tv indicates this and if i play a 4k file the tv switchs fine to this resolution also. However it the Vero 4K dont by default upscale the 1080p to 4K. Not sure i have seen any setting for this? Regarding the dark scenes in all movies im not sure what to do about because even brightness and contrast dont change anyting.

Some tip for the jaggy .srt text files? Would be great to have some anti aliasing on those :slight_smile:

Ok, that sounds like it could be but how can i test it? I mean where do i set the Vero to upscale 1080p to 4k and check?

No 4K/HDR here (yet). This is based on my experience with SD content.

There’s a reason I still have no HDR/4K; it’s all new and every manufacturer seems to have it’s own sets of rules… and you’re doing all the testing for me :slight_smile:

Well you might want to read this post where people even ask @sam_nazarko to disable the upscaling from SD to HD that OSMC currently does. So seems there are many people that believe into their TV’s upscaler

For the dark scenes…

Check what (if any) picture mode is set on the Marantz, some definitely crush blacks more than others.
Picture mode is under Settings -> Video -> Picture adjust.

If you enable Adjust Refresh Rate, 4K content is played at 4K and 1080p is output at 1080p.

Most displays do a better job than the built in upscale. You can of course change this behaviour by setting the GUI to 4K

Thanks for the reply. Setting is just pass through so no scaling occurs. My extreamer dont have this behaviour…

Also cant get the nfs working. I have the server shown there and also the main folder but i cant browse to any subfolder? Does the Vero support the nfs v4 ? I have set in my synology map all users to admin in the Squash setting. Tried also in the synology to set “standard unix rights” on and off but no difference.

Not sure what this means ‘under the hood’. If you are sharing an ext4 formatted directory and you make sure all directories in it are read/write to everyone then you should be good. @JimKnopf has a Synology and is good with these things.

For your entertainment and education: Using NFS with Synology :wink:

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Thanks a lot. However i really thought it was some simple setting in the GUI. I mean, i can access from both my phone and my windows pc and xtreamer but not the vero without some commandline stuff :slight_smile:

You should be able to mount NFS shares via the GUI in Kodi.

Here I am!

Just 3 pictures how I did it

I remember there was some strange behavior of my Synology since some configuration changes went only active after I rebooted the NAS. Although in the Synology help mentioned, there was no need for me to touch anything in imapd.conf on the Vero 4k.

This works fine with the Vero 4k in the OSMC GUI as well in the /etc/fstab when mounting from the OS:

fstab example line /mnt/music nfs4 defaults,x-systemd.automount,noauto 0 0

Thanks for the pics, i changed the settings accordingly. However i still under nfs cant browse any folder. I can find the but i cant browse under there?