Source : HDMI - Not Supported

I recently updated the firmware on my Onkyo NR535 receiver. What happens now is that I get the error “Source: HDMI - Not Supported”. My Chromecast and computer works fine with the receiver, and I have a mode that I can see thumbnails of the HDMI ports and I can see the Kodi\OSMC there, but when I try the channel for the OSMC Vero4K box I get the error, it works in 720x480 but when I try the 1080p connection it gives out that error. Also its a 4k AV Receiver and when I bring up the menu from my Epson EH-TW6600W, the menu is smaller then normal. Almost like its trying to go to 4K which the Projector doesnt work with (although I only choose the 1080p option).

I have tried every hdmi port on the receiver (even the ones that work with my computer and chromecast)
Connecting the device directly to the Projector works

On a sidenote, does Dolby Atmos work with Vero4k+?

From your log, it seems you started vero and it set itself to 1080p, then later it changed to 480p. Did you change the setting, and if so, how if you are not getting a picture? Can you walk us through what you did just before capturing that log?

Dolby Atmos is passed through to be decoded by your AVR. Just enable passthrough in audio settings.

I had it on 1080p connected directly to the projector, turned down to 480p so I could see it when connected to receiver then tried to switch back to 1080 and then posted log.

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Try using the Force 422 option in Video settings.

Works fine, thank you :smile:


Should this output DTSHD with only Allow Passthrough, once I set DTS on Setup Menu in receiver I have sound in movie but not menu sounds and music. Do I Need to set DTS in Setup Menu for it to work (on receiver? Or is the passthrough enough? There is no one click DTS I need to do it from Setup Menu(receiver), which could be annoying having to do it everrytime I switch between Movie and Music.
Should I make a new thread for this?

Anyways thanks alot, really appreciate it :smile:

Have a look here: