Spotify + OSMC = <3



I had used

I uninstalled.

I then installed Download repository and followed everything Toast said.

I then changed port number to 8002, as port 8000 is used by security cameras on my network.

I still get the same error.


and you did do the reboot after changing ports ?


I got it to work on my Vero by using ‘’ and applying this patch:

It prepends internal libraries paths instead of appending them to avoid picking up random libraries with similar names from the general system.

[HowTo] Spotlight installation (Spotify Client)

patch < 0001-Prepend-internal-libraries-to-the-python-path.patch

like this ?


I could not get the patch command to work so I did it manually.


ill review the patch and see if i can automate it :slight_smile:

did a large how to from all of this so anything thats helpful get entered into it


I hate to say, but i did ever step and still same error :frowning:
Anyway I can give you a log?


No you cant give me a log however you can give the developer of spotlight a log :smile:



Spotimc is an addon that gives you access to the Spotify music service. It requires a Spotify premium account.

Spotimc lets you search for music, browse your playlists and play your favourite tunes right from XBMC.This product uses SPOTIFY® CORE but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Spotify. Spotify is the registered trade mark of the Spotify Group.Special thanks to Seeleck for the logo and skin improvements.Special thanks also for the CherryPy project, the DejaVu fonts project and the GNOME project (high contrast icons theme).

Please note that it’s still in beta stage, so expect some minor issues here and there. There’s lots of room for improvement, so contributions are very much appreciated.


Latest release: 1.0-beta5.


Grab the latest installation zip file, and inside XBMC go to Home > System > Settings > Add-ons > Install from zip file, and select the file you just downloaded. Once installed you can run the addon from Home > Music > Addons > Spotimc.


  • New: Added support for running in the background.
  • Fix: Crashes on Linux and OSX during shutdown.
  • Fix: Conflicts with
  • Fix: Music was muted randomly if crossfade enabled.
  • Fix: Slightly faster playlist list loading.
  • Fix: The menu was focused instead of the list randomly.
  • Fix: Focus was lost when playback ended while on now playing view.
  • Fix: Random crashes on arm hard float due to wrong lib shipped.
  • Fix: Useless debug information got printed to the log file.
  • Fix: Random clicks were heard when changing tracks.
  • Fix: Added default cover image for albums with no cover.
  • Fix: Installation issues on XBMC Gotham.


That addon looks like shit i know it works and everything but the interface is a wreck


Could you expand a little on why you think the interface is a wreck?


We should remember that this has been created out of someone’s free time. It seems functional, so if the interface is a little rough around the edges, it’s not a big deal.

Be nice.


I like the interface, but each to their own.

Some people care about how curly the pigs tail is, people like me are just happy that there’s bacon.


This looks fantastic!
Will give it a try tonight :smile:


Please note that Spotify has deprecated libspotify, which is the library that is used by Spotlight and Spotimc.
Until the new library is released (“later this year” according to Spotify staff, but I’m not holding my breath) I don’t think we will see any better plugin for Kodi.


I just wanted to add my thanks to this. It is a great plugin.


I found it more usefull than a spotlight, thanks for a posting this.
Everything working just fine.


This is what worked for me. First, my setup:

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
  • OSMC 2015.11-1

Install the Spotlight plugin from the .zip file. Then ssh into the Raspberry Pi and replace the armv7 with the armv6hf version:

cd ~/.kodi/addons/
cp ../armv6hf/ .




I’ve tried everything in this thread and I’m still getting the dreaded error 111, anyone got it to work somehow? Or maybe some other plugin that works? Yes, I have a premium account.

I’m using Kodi 15.2 and osmc 2015.12-4.

Edit: I got spotimc to work now atleast.


use this instead