Spotify + OSMC = <3

I’ve seen a few different spotify discussions, mainly about KODI addons but also one thread about reversing the spotify connect protocol but couldn’t find anything in the feature requests forum.

So here it goes:

Would be awesome to have an easy way to get spotify onto OSMC :smiley:
Either by some sort of kodi-integration or spotify connect

EDIT: Found this a linux gui client. Has anyone tried it with the rpi2?


As much I know, this spotify client is not for the ARM architecture.

Once OSMC as a Browser integrated we can all use spotify webplayer.

There was a reasonably good spotify addon for Kodi for some time, I used to use it but haven’t in a while and I believe that it has fallen out of date and may not be working anymore. Check on under the addons section and you should see it there.

Try re / spotlight / wiki / Home — Bitbucket


Have a look at

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Yeah spotlight seems to be the best addon, some people have been experiencing connectivity issue i.e. Errno 111
The project itself hasn’t been updated for over 6 months and the issue section of the repo keeps piling up…

Seems cool, haven’t tried that yet. But integrating that (or something like it) into an easily installed package from the App Store allowing osmc to serve as a spotify connect receiver would be awesome

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I think there are some licensing issues preventing it from being packaged like that. You need a firmware and an app key.

Even if an installer prompted the user for those? (and provided instructions on how to obtain them)

There is also this project (which hasn’t seen much activity in the last month though)

I’ve had some time to test out the spotlight addon now but I simply can’t get it to work on OSMC. Tried all releases including some forks. Reading on the kodi-forum some people report success on openelec with the latest version overriding platform detection and setting it to Linux Armv7 (which in itself requires modifying the settings.xml file of the addon when using the one from the official repo)
Even so I get the infamous errno 111 - Connection refused

SpotiMC is broken but can start playing music from spotify. If you leave the addon the GUI freezes up though, so you can’t change music.

Thus my feature request still stands :wink:

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+1 for that, i can’t get it work too spotimc or spotlight, something work just fine out of the box would be realy great in Osmc

Both those work just fine if you got a premium account Spotify doesnt do free accounts

How did you get spotlight to work? (combination of build and settings)
Cause I’ve (seemingly) tried them all to no avail

Question: Do you have an Premium Account at Spotify if you dont then there isnt really much anyone can do for you cause Spotify doesnt let you connect anything but x86 free…

Yes, of course

the basic installation is pretty simple just follow those instructions

make sure that port 8000 is free and available so nothing else is hogging it thats the port that spotilight uses to communicate with Spotify. If its used by other programs you can change it to a free port under advanced settings.

It should install pyspotify per default but if it doesnt then fire up a ssh client and connect to osmc and type:

sudo -s
apt-get install python-pip
pip install pyspotify

hope that helps and make sure to read the documentation on the spotilight link


Thanks, will try again and post back with the results. I just fried an SD-card so reinstalling OSMC now…

Which build did you use, 1.2.0-armv7-experimental? I’m using a raspberry pi 2

yeah i used the arm7 package but add it via the repo

It worked after installing pyspotify :slight_smile:


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np glad to help out, enjoy your spotify client