Ssh problem after oct. update on rpi

Hi. sorry for picture but its is simple for me.

i am not an unix/linux expert, sorry. can you help me fix this?

Does Kodi actually start, or is the first pic where the boot process ends?

If that’s the case, I’d suspect that your SD card is probably failing so the update is corrupted.

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No. After update i have other proplem too with netfilter. It is fixed now (Netfilter persistent problem after upgrade to Buster)
I try same restart, tra apt-get purge openssh-server, apt-get clean… autoclean… not fix.
I dont think for SD card… but how do i test/prove it?

The screen shot shows apt installing openssh-server as a new package. Clearly, openssh-server should already be installed on your system, so something has become broken and/or corrupted. (The netfilter problem is a separate issue.)

If you can provide logs, that might help.

thx… i fix it somehow. i rename all existing file to .bak under etc/ssh… purge the ssh server. clean …autoremove… i dont known what i do but finally i total removed the ssh. after restart osmc i reinstall from osmc controll panel. now working again.