Steam link on vero

Hi everybody,

Apparently Valve released a beta version of steam link for Raspbian Stretch. Did anyone try this on a vero? Does it work?



Just two threads earlier you would have find all the answers and saved people to read a new thread.

Simple answer currently not available on Vero but team is working on it.

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Currently not available on Vero since its a diffrent SoC but who knows what the future holds first off its Rpi and getting it stable there so have some patience and see what the future holds :slight_smile:

You can choose not to read my messages then. I asked about Vero, not raspberry pi. Technically it is the same operating system, but just in case I preferred to obtain an official answer from creators.

Thank you so much

The thing is that its compiled towards the raspberry pi libs and relies heavily of those libs to be present if they arent it will just results in crashes or not starting at all thats why you cant run rpi software on vero.

If Valve compile against MESA, then we can get the GUI working. As the Pi libs for GLES will have the same headers; this could probably already be done with some tweaking.

I’m guessing they also use hardware acceleration; but I don’t know what video pipeline they are using. If they can use V4L2 or they can pass us H264 frames, we can likely get something working.

It’s early days yet, but we’ll continue to monitor things



@sam_nazarko Gonna put you in contact with the other Sam at Valve is he is up for it, that will get it more streamlined process

again users dont get your hopes up just yet this is all early so please be calm :slight_smile: