Step by step guide for switching boxes?

Im looking for a complete guide for how to switch from the 4k to the 4k+
I have seen numerous comments like “just use a usb” or “use the built-in backup”. But I only setup a backup to the NAS and have never used a usb on the vero.

So what is the proper way to get everything working the same on the 4k+. How big usb-card do I need. Could I use an external drive that has other things on it? Will my library be intact, all the thumbs…what about the settings?

Yes, you can use a usb disk. It won’t be erased. That should be big enough.


So to switch from 4k to 4k+ i would:

  1. Insert a USB into the 4k (8gig?)
  2. Chose backup from the OSMC-menu
  3. Plug the USB into the 4k+ and choose “restore” ?
  4. It now looks the same as my 4k, with library, settings and everything?

Yes. An SD card is also usable.

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This did not work at all. Nothing happens at restore.

It actually did try in the background, but it didnt work all the way. Im gonna search for an answer.

Ok so after restore it says “some items failed to restore” “see log for details”. I guess I have to check some log at some location. I get “file exist” -error when trying to access shares.

What version was the other Vero on?


Yeah that was my thought too. Maybe update this one to the same and then do the restore.

But the error it refers to about what items didnt restore…where exactly do I look for this?
Is it in the /home/osmc/.kodi/temp/kodi.log and will it be easy to find.

If u are using just ur NAS and no USB Drive, you can create a folder Backup on the NAS, back up your complete settings in this folder (except Thumbnails i would do)

When this is done, just plug in your new vero4k+ Box and add the path of your NAS to the new box, select restore and your Backup you just created. Depending on the size and speed of the NAS it could take up to 5 mins till the restore starts but after that you should see the window where u can choose what you want to restore.

Select everything and let it work.

If there are some errors on restoring items, check all your kodi settings if they are done.
The library, addons, etc. should be restored correctly.

Thats it :wink:

Im having problems accessing the smb. I cant make a new share. It was sucha long time ago I made them so I actually dont remember how to do it.

I see my server, but when trying to acces it via browsing into it it says “error invalid argument”.

:thinking: I feel like I dont have permissions and maybe its the permission file that didnt get copied over…I dont remember where I put it so if I could see what exactly it never restored it would be alot easier.

What is the source of SMB? Is it a NAS or PC? If a NAS, what make and model / firmware version is it running?

What version of OSMC are you upgrading from on your other device?

It sounds like you may need to change SMB version under Settings -> Services.


Can you try to access your NAS using UPNP Device? Should also be possible to connect to your NAS

Its a win7 pc.

4K was on OSMC August 2018.08-2 and I updated both to the latest version and ran the backup and restore again. It still says "some items failed to restore - see log for details. I cant find anything in the kodi-log about what went wrong.

But it looks like its working now. I had to make the SMB connection again and enter username/password so it became one of the browsable sources in the list and then all my sources just worked.

Seems alot faster now. Looks promising.

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Keep us posted.


I found another thing not working. The childrens profile is gone. Imgine the fuss! What can i do to get it back…backup only profiles? (Its not actually gone, but its blank.)

I put alot of time into sorting movies in the chrildrens profile.

I use estuary skin. Childrens profile came up with osmc skin that seems blank.

The logical thing to do is to find your backup and we can work from there, whether that be to unzip and restore manually or to accurately point MyOSMC at to do the restore.

I was unclear. The backupfile is on usb and have been used but it didnt restore everything…and it doest say what it didnt restore.

The file i didnt remember where i put was the “user/password-credentials”-file. I felt i couldnt access the pc server.

So basically i fixed the master user profile and it seems to be working but the childrens profile was not included in the backup/restore. As of now i dont feel too safe about this backup/restore tool at all.

If you don’t want to use the tool, you could copy the entire .kodi directory over. This will restore everything to the new device

That sounds great, but i dont have the linux skillz. Is it a simple command to copy the directory to the usb port?