Stream audio to android device?

Me and my cousin both watch TV late into the night and it’d be great if we could just connect our phones to pi through network and stop getting yelled at by family members. This is the main reason I’ve installed OSMC to begin with.

Is this possible to stream decent quality audio through WiFi or Bluetooth from Rpi 3b+ to an android device? I’ve tried SoundWireServer and the audio isn’t clear at all, on top of that it’s not free.

Bluetooth seems to be out of equation since Android doesn’t have A2DP sink profile. I’ve looked into upnp and that seems to be a service to share your library, not stream audio.

Is there any way it could work through WiFi?

Why not just take a Bluetooth headset?

I did have one that stopped working recently but the audio lag even on that was annoying.

And now we’d have to buy 3 headsets, so obviously I am looking for a cheap way out. But if I was satisfied with the audio quality on my Bluetooth headset, this wouldn’t have been the case.

I mean, it doesn’t seem to be that big of a problem if I only knew programming. All I have to do is extract audio from the video file and save it with the same name. Then on the Android side press one button to get the link to that audio file and with second button, synchronize that with playback on kodi. Maybe I’ll try doing that.