I finally found a way to stream audio from OSMC (RPi) to your smartphone (Android) over WiFi/LAN

I don’t have permission to post on HOW TO, but I knew a lot of people are looking at this feature. So here’s how.

First of all, I’m not a Linux expert, so correct me if I’m wrong.

  1. Make sure your OSMC has the latest update and make sure both Android and Pi are on the same network.

  2. Download SoundWire server Raspberry Pi version (get it from the official site).

  3. Download and Install SoundWire client version to your Android phone (get it from PlayStore)

  4. Extract the tar.gz you just downloaded. You should have an executable called SoundWireServer.

  5. SSH into your OSMC and run this command

     sudo apt-get update  
     sudo apt-get install pulseaudio  
     sudo apt-get install pavucontrol  
     sudo apt-get install libportaudio2  
  6. After that, run this command to install AD2P audio streaming capabilities, you can find the discussion on OSMC forum

     wget http://paste.osmc.io/raw/qiyekuvafe -O- | sudo sh  
  7. Your Pi should reboot automatically, SSH again into the Pi and go to the SoundWireServer file and type this command line to run the executable

  8. If done correctly, you should see something like SoundWireServer: Audio capture running in your terminal. Run the SoundWire app on your Android and connect to the server.

  9. In your OSMC, go to SYSTEM -> SETTINGS -> Audio output > Audio output device and choose ALSA: OSMC streaming to Bluetooth speaker/headphones.

  10. If done correctly, your phone should now have the OSMC audio. It will be a bit delayed but you can get rid of this by using the audio delay feature in OSMC.

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Thank you for the quick guide.
Is there a way to make it auto start with osmc?

This seems complicated,I suggest to use Yatse on the Android phone.

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What do you mean?
I’ve got everything working just fine, been using it for a few months.
What I want is auto-start the command ./SoundWireServer with osmc without the need of using Putty or any other ssh from another device.

And by “use Yatse”, you mean that Yatse has a option to stream the rpi/osmc device audio to a smartphone?

Check the Forum for stuff like auto boot service

Yatse can be used to stream from phone to OSMC or from OSMC to phone (basically can choose any renderer).

Yeah but its a paid feature, it seems.
Also I don’t need to stream everything, all i want if the audio so i can use my phone as a wireless receiver for the audio to use with earphones.
SoundWire already do everything I need, I’ll look into a way to make it boot as a service.
Thank though.

Or kodi official kore app, you can choose to play locally (ie on the phone) and it’s not a paid feature there :slight_smile: