Struggling with HD Audio Passthrough

I’ve enabled Audio Passthrough, enabled options for each of the audio types but struggling to receive any of the HD audio types.

Running the latest version of OSMC on the Vero 4K.

Anyone have any suggestions or settings I may have missed?

Did you have a read here?

Other than that it’s difficult to advise as we don’t know anything about your setup. Do you use HDMI or optical? Is an AVR involved?


Vero 4K to Denon AVR, audio all via HDMI.
Yes I’ve followed that but the best I can get out is Multi Channel Stereo

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That’s a contradiction. Stereo = 2 channels, multi-channel = more than 2 channels.

I suspect you have not set channels = 2.0 in your audio settings without which you will not get proper passthrough.

This may help explain.

Well at least it shows that you have not configured channels = 2 as suggested

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Forgive me, @fzinken and @grahamh… Please don’t mind what my colleagues have suggested, @Adam1V. You’ve set the multi channel stereo sound mode on your Denon AVR. Please change it to a mode matching the input (in the case shown with your photos: “DTS-HD Master”) :+1:t2: The settings on your Vero look absolutely fine. Please leave the output channels configured as 7.1.


This was it… found the setting buried within the audio types of the receiver. Thanks for your suggestion and for everyone else with the quick replies.

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UPDATE: Sorry, my mistake. Didn’t read the forums properly, had this option enabled. Disabled it, and now everything works perfectly:

Settings → Player → Sync Playback to Display

I’m having exactly the same problem:

  • OSMC (Vero-4k) is set up for audio pass-through (enabled the main switch and every codec variety in the menu)

  • Content is EAC3:

  • Denon 1400 is connected via HDMI-ARC to an LG OLED TV, so TV sound is sent back to Denon via the HDMI-ARC cable when playing content via TV apps

  • Denon 1400 is connected via HDMI to Vero-4k, so audio and video signals from Vero-4k pass through Denon to my TV

  • When I play DD/DTS content via TV apps (Netflix/Amazon), Denon shows properly encoded signal (AC3/E-AC3/DTS/etc.) – yes, I only have 3 speakers connected, too lazy to do the rear ones

  • When I play DD/DTS content on Vero-4k, Denon shows multichannel PCM input, 48kHz, etc. I can never get DD/DTS/etc. symbols

  • Audio setting on the receiver does not matter (exception: if it’s set to ‘stereo’) since AC3*/DTS* encoding in the input signal overrides the receiver setting. But once I start playing content from Vero-4k, the receiver does not allow me to choose anything but pseudo-stereo modes:

  • Finally, the same content played via TV’s own player shows proper E-AC3 on Denon.

Glad to hear this is now solved for you.