Stuck at this message re-installing

Hi there

New owner here having a problem reinstalling osmc after a power outage caused an sad smiley face thing.
The attached image shows where it stalls.
I’m completely new to osmc (and anything else other than windows).
Tried reinstalling from SD card and USB stick to no avail.
Anything I can do?



Is the installer actually running? It will be quite obvious if it runs.
How did you prepare the micro SD card?

Hi, thanks for the speedy reply.

I prepared installer using the instructions and tools at Download - OSMC using my Windows 10 laptop.

This might help: Reinstalling OSMC - Vero 4K - OSMC

Can you screenshot the contents of the micro SD card after imaging the card?
Also make sure the card is inserted the right way up. Some users have made this mistake before. See System wipe issues - #7 by Karmus


Hi Sam

Sorry for delay - using a card out of an old camera so had to redo it.

Went through booting procedure and it actually said successful install (or words to that effect) then an orange/yellowy bar at top of otherwise black screen then, I think, the same message.

Here are the contents of card.


Hi Sam

Just successfully reinstalled!

Only thing I changed (apart from reinstalling files onto USB stick instead of SD this time) was to double check power supply - seemed firm but maybe a damaged lead on it? Trying not to move it now!

Thanks for your assistance, hopefully it’ll stay running now.


Hopefully all sorted now. Let me know if that’s not the case and we will sort things out.

I’ll have some improvements to the eMMC integrity checks next update