Stuttering and weird slo mo on mainly older films

I went to watch Goonies today, and the movie was unwatchable due to slo-mo stuttering and all audio was totally out of alignment. I checked some other files, and had similar issues on other older films (although not all), and most new films ran fine (apart from one or two which also had the same issue).

I’m sure there’s a file setting or weird checkbox somewhere that shouldn’t be enabled - any thoughts?


We need to see some logs. It’s not clear which device you are using, which is one of the first things we’d need to know.

Apologies - Vero 4K+
I’ll sort logs shortly. Thanks

logs uploaded to
let me know if I need to do anything else.

I’m not seeing a problem in your settings. Could you copy one of the files your having issues with to the internal storage and test to see if the problem still exists when played from there.

It’s running off an external hard drive. I’ve copied the file to my laptop and it runs fine on the laptop.

How would I copy to internal storage?

If it plays fine for your laptop then it probably has something to do with the external drive and that is what I was looking to answer. The solution to this I would have to defer to someone who has more experience working with ext4 formatted drives.

To answer the question anyway you can use the file manager in Kodi’s settings menu. You would move to the right and browse to OSMC>Movies and then on the left you would browse root>media>films>(pick something) and then bring up the context menu and choose “copy”.

It doesn’t have enough space. The film file is mkv and about 20gb. The internal storage looks to be 10gb.
I can get my usb thumb drive out tomorrow and try the file on that. Will report back.

It’s a new drive. Went through a lot of hoops to format it ext4 and then took 6days to copy all my old films over to it so will be gutted if it’s to do with the drive!

I was looking through your posts to see exactly how you formated that drive and i’m unclear on exactly how you performed the format. Can you please find the exact post you followed for the format commands (not the post you followed to delete the old partitions). and post a link here.

Let’s first start with posting mediainfo of the file. Next step is we could try to create a test sample of it.

It would be good if we could find out more about the file you are having issues playing. Please see the mediainfo section in How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC.

You can also create the mediainfo-output of the affected media file on the OSMC device:

  1. login via SSH, user osmc, password osmc
  2. if not already installed: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install mediainfo
  3. cdto the directory containing the video/audio material in question
  4. since mediainfoonly needs to read the header information of the file data, copy the first 4 Mbytes of the media file to a new file:
    dd if="<media file>" of=purgeme.bin bs=1024 count=4096
  5. upload the decoded media information using
    mediainfo purgeme.bin|paste-log
  6. publish the returned URL here in this topic
  7. remove the created media file snippet
    rm purgeme.bin

Thx for your help.

I think I read this wrong the first time around (for some reason I was reading it as you playing the file on the Vero from your laptop). The test is to play the trouble file on the vero from a different storage source to try to isolate the cause.

Ok so I’ve just copied the file to a usb thumb drive and played it on the vero - same problems.

To summarise: The file plays fine on my laptop, but it stutters and misaligns with audio on the vero (now confirmed on two different usb drives). Main drive is ext4, the thumb drive is ExFat.

This is not just one file - there are a fair few, and most are older films. It looks to me like some sort of frame rate issue, but I can’t see any obvious settings that would affect this.

I’ll try to sort this tonight - although as mentioned, the file plays fine on my laptop, and is confirmed to have issues on the vero with two different USB drives.

Which could indicate that it can be played with a CPU nut had issues being hardware decoded (GPU).
Mediainfo will tell us more about the file to allow us to suggest more tests.

ok, I’ve pasted the media info here:

Its a mkv file. I’m pretty sure I’ve played it a few times on the vero maybe 6 months ago, prior to the new formatted drive. Let me know if you need any further information.

Interestingly, it’s a VC-1 rip.

What does a VC-1 rip mean? I’ve had these films for ages and pretty sure they’ve played fine on Vero before.

Its the grandfather of HEVC and the predecessor of H264

VC-1 was a problem on the Vero some time ago, but that’s been fixed. I’m watching a VC-1 right now with no issues. What you explain as your problem is what used to happen with VC-1.

One thing that I noticed in you log is that you have Adjust Refresh Rate set to Always. Try changing that to On Stop/start and see if that helps. If it doesn’t post a new set of logs, this time with debug enabled (the last logs you posted were not full debug logs)

ok - thanks for the explanation. Adjust rate was originally on Stop/Start - but I changed it hoping it would help. Have now changed it back and no difference.

New logs with debug enabled located here: