Stuttering on very high bw audio encode

I am trying to watch a BluRay Remux that happens to have the highest audio bitrate I have yet seen. Sadly, every time it hits around ~12 Mb/s on audio, playback of said audio will stutter.

Debug log:

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Does it have a TrueHD track?
I assume that the video plays fine but the audio drops out.

There is a known issue with TrueHD dropouts with very large MAT frames with Kodi. This causes problems particularly with Disney titles.

The crashes have since been fixed but the dropouts are not yet fixed.

Thanks for the feedback! Found a thread on Kodi now. Seems no one is working on it. Too bad, but it’s rare at least.

Do you have an Atmos-capable AVR?

If not, you can strip out the Atmos data using ffmpeg or eac3to and leave the rest of the TrueHD track intact. Then, mux it back into an MKV file and it shouldn’t give you any problems.

We are working on it :slight_smile:

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I had this issue but using gigabit network cable and HDMI 2 supported AVR and cables solved the problem for me.

My AVR does not support Atmos, Yamaha 679. So maybe that is why they worked for me after fixing network and hdmi cables.

Ahh super to hear!

Yes experiencing same issue , confirm that happened with frozen 2 remux , where time to time I got drop outs , also thought the problem could be the HDMI cable , currently using amazon ones, didn’t know that vero could be the problem , though good to hear that you guys are working on it. Meantime as I just have seen this thread now I did order the cables 2.1 , will see if the drop outs are fixed with that.

It happens in exactly the same moment in Frozen every time. Avr shows codec dropping in and out (quickly).

Im just adding this to follow the thread and hoping for a fix. Im mainly glad its looked into since i was pulling my hair why only on Disney and not other high bitrate movies.

The fact that it is consistent does indeed confirm that it is due to large MAT frames.
Disney are technically violating the spec for TrueHD/Atmos. They are the only studio doing this.


Same issue with the Atmos track on the Beatles Abbey Road Blu Ray. Glad to hear it’s being worked on - fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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I have tried zeskit HDMI 2.1 cables and issue still there, so hope u guys can fix it.

Adding myself to notify list, Same problem with sound dropping out on TrueHD.

There’s progress with some ffmpeg patches but there’s no clear methodology for implementing this in to the Kodi core yet

I will keep you updated

Same problem here:(

It’s being worked on – but this is a Kodi issue and not an OSMC issue.


If you mean just about every recent Disney UHD movie is “rare”, then sure it’s rare. This issue drives me absolutely batty. But as I understand it it really is a Kodi issue and not a Vero hardware/software issue. I know it’s affected other Kodi devices. I have faith it’ll get fixed at some point. But… until then… fuuuuuuu!

Strange I watch almost exclusively remux and I never experienced any audio dropouts or stuttering.

@k2u3 do you watch any Disney UHD remuxes with the Atmos track? There are so many of them, and there are so many with audio dropouts.

e.g. the new Frozen II UHD. There’s a nice audio dropout at approximately 19:35 seconds (give or take a few seconds - in the middle of “Into the Unknown”). So yeah, right in the middle of the best song in the movie, your experience goes down the toilet. Bitrate hits almost 12Mbit, and like clockwork the audio glitches.