Stuttering video

My video playback stutters a bit. I am using a pi 3 so it should be able to handle it shouldn’t it?? The overclock settings will only let me go as high as 1200mghz but that is standard for pi 3 so not sure If the software is just not compatible with the pi 3 yet? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

See if you have the lirc-rpi module loaded (check your config.txt with a SSH client: sudo nano /boot/config.txt). If there is a line with dtoverlay remove it, save and reboot your Pi). Report back in this thread if it worked: MMAL Skipped frame or judder every few seconds - #25 by Jdiesel

once i delete that line how do i save the change?

i write that in under the rest of the lines and press enter??

You do sudo nano /boot/config.txt
to open up the editor via a SSH client and look if you have a line that says: dtoverlay=…
If yes then delete that line and hit CTRL+X and say yes then hit enter to save the config.txt

More about editing config.txt here:

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yes I’ve already done this, I googled it before you replied. I shoukd have done that first. thanks buddy. This worked for me and I learned a bit.

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one more question, my pi 3 is struggling with 1080p video, the overclock settings while default are 900, 450, 450. what should I change it to for default pi 3 settings? i know its 1200 mhz but what about the next two settings?

I can’t tell you about the overclock settings since I have a RPi2 but the Pi3 shouldn’t have problems with 1080p. Are you using H.265 files?

Just take all frequency settings out that would make it default. Or just go to MyOSMC Overclocking and set it to Normal that will do the same (taking them out).

900 is definitely wrong

Pressing normal keeps it at 900 and it won’t let me take them out

Are you on the latest version of OSMC? If yes please enable debug logging try it again and upload logs.
Maybe also try to put on turbo and back on normal.

Yes I believe I am in the latest version. I will check that later when home. Thanks