Stutters playing back 10bit anime

I just tried playing back a 10 bit 1080p anime (mediainfo) and it stutters like crazy. Other, normal 10 bit content like 4K Netflix or BluRays work just fine (working 10 bit BluRay mediainfo), also 8 bit content (8 bit anime mediainfo).

Could the fact that the anime isn’t 4K or HEVC mess some things up?

I am on a Vero 4K+, running Plex for Kodi on a Samsung 7 series UHD TV.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Streaming the file to my desktop PC is stutter-free (it’s an 8 bit display though).

I can confirm this happens with other similar files too (1080p, H.264, 10 bits) like this one: mediainfo

Format profile : High 10@L4.1

Ugh. So you’re telling me im SOL and stuck with downloading a different, non-Hi-10 version?

Your other option if you have any H264 10 bit files is to re-encoded back to 8 bit or if you have the vero 4k then you can use HEVC (h265) using handbrake or what ever encoding software you have.

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Good grief Plex for Kodi is terrible. “Allow Direct Play” setting literally does nothing, so I can’t force Plex to transcode those pesky hi10p files.

Downloading == piracy. How about buying the anime in question and legally ripping it yourself???

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Plex for Kodi add-on has no transcoding setting. It Direct Plays everything. That’s the advantage and weakness of it.

If you must play Hi10p, your two options are Nvidia Shield or Apple TV 4K

It does, look in the settings. It’s called the same as in the Samsung app, “Allow Direct Play” and “Allow Direct Stream”.

For now I’m just working around this problem by using the Samsung app for Hi10p streams, where disabling Direct Plays actually works, and hoping it doesn’t buffer too often.

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Does the setting do anything?