Subtitles drifting up the screen

I have a raspberry pi 3 connected to a projector (native 800x480 the raspberry pi thinks that it is 1280x720). When I play .mkv (generated from handbrake) the subtitles start at the bottom of the screen and then after a few minutes they migrate to the middle of the screen (slightly offset to the left). If I rewind a few seconds they go back to the bottom, but after a few minutes migrate to the middle again. They are not burnt in, and if I play this same pi on a monitor they stay at the bottom. Does anyone have any suggestions what is going on because I think that the pi-projector combination is not working for the subtitles but I can’t find any toggle that might help.

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

Have you tried the sample file on another device?


Yes, on a raspberry pi 2 attached to the monitor. I think that this is an issue of the projector/pi combination. The projector’s native resolution is 800x480, I’m not sure if that is the issue (it must be a very common resolution for projectors).

What output resolution is the Pi producing when driving those two displays?

If it’s sending different resolutions (e.g. 720p to the projector but 1080p to the monitor) then it may be the same issue from this thread:

It would be 1080p on the monitor and 1280p on the projector, I’ll give it a try to see if changes anything.

I just set the output of the pi to 1080p while connected to the projector and the subtitles stayed at the bottom of the screen. It seems to be same issue as in the thread.
Any idea when the kodi issue will be resolved?
Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

I think you probably mean 720p. :slightly_smiling_face: 1080p is 1920x1080; 720p is 1280x720.

No idea even if it will be resolved, let alone when. @sam_nazarko do you know if it’s a known Kodi issue…?

I’m not sure – if it’s not a reported Kodi issue on GitHub, then probably not…