Subtitles to bright or picture to dim during 4K playback

Past weekend a watched a 4K remux of Edge of Tomorrow (Live. Die. Repeat.) The subtitles were very white and bright and detracting from the image. The movie itself appeared very dark but for me very watchable without subtitles. However with subs the difference in brightness really stood out.
I watched this on a Sony 4K OLED.

Why is this? Has it to do with how the Vero 4K+ handles the HDR info of the movie file? Or are the subs rendered wrong? Can you adjust sub color of brightness?

We plan to correct this in kernel 4.9. Meanwhile there are workarounds in this forum.

The darkness of the image will probably have something to do with the encode as Edge of Tomorrow has not yet been released on UHD Bluray.
There are lots of threads on here about overly bright subtitles and HDR sources, search for “bright subtitles HDR”.
I don’t think there were any solutions but there were a couple of workarounds.

I think the workaround, which seemed reasonable, was to change the font colour to light gray.

Indeed. I have a script that automatically detects UHD releases and recolors any SRT files belonging to said release. Works a charm!

Care to share?

Sure, it’s actually not as clever as I made it sound, but it works for me :slight_smile:

Only very recently I’ve been seeing non-2160p HDR releases, so now the script isn’t fully covering 100% of my use cases anymore.

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