Suggested SD Card Size

Is there a recommended size for the SD card used for Kodi OSMC?

I’ve seen many sold that are 8mb but it seems like larger would work better.


Depends on what you want to do with it.

8GB should be fine for many users, but 16GB gives you options and a margin of safety.

If you have a very large library (meaning a lot of fan art and stuff) then 16GB would be recommended.

And this assumes that you have your media on either an external USB drive or a NAS.

@Karnage - Would it matter if it was USB 2 or USB3 or High Speed flash drive? What I mean to ask is whats the max Read/ Write speed/ capacity of the ATV1 Hardware, so I wont overspend on a USB 3 drive if its capacity cant be used?

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@fzinken - My apologies, was a bit confusing going between the 2 threads. Wish there was just one for all USB/ Flash related questions… A sticky on the FAQ etc.

I see lots of questions about minimum or maximum SD card preferences.
I was just wondering what the benefit of using a larger SD card is?

Is the larger SD card purely for storage purposes (films, TV, music, etc)?
I would prefer to store my media on a portable USB HDD so i can easily move it between systems.
Will i receive any performance or buffer benefits for using a larger SD card.

Say i put a 32 or 64GB card in there and use an external HDD, what am i going to use the large SD card for?
That sized SD card could be better used in my camera or phone.

I’m assuming you could possibly partition the 16gb flash drive and maybe use the 2nd partition as a scratch drive to increase performance?