Support OSMC on Odroid C2

Odroid C2 will be shipping soon and it has case compatibility with a Raspberry Pi 2.

The specs are significantly better (GigE, hw HVEC etc.) for $5 more than the Pi.

I think Sam has said he’s willing to consider support for this. Maybe we can all chip in and send him a board? =)

I would love to have a more powerful board to use…

EDIT: My apologies, Sam may not have implied he is willing to support this but I would still like to add this as a feature request.


Where was that said?

To be clear, he was responding to a C1 thread but afaik the C2 is basically a faster C1.

I’m pretty sure no consideration of support was implied with that statement.

Why the hell don’t they put usb3.0 support on these boards…

Probably because of power requirements. I’m totally fine with it being USB2 TBH.

The C2 can do 4k h.265 (2160p@60Hz) for $40 that would be the most impressive hardware for OSMC to date. (XU4 has USB3 for $75 but no 4k)

I believe I have an Odroid C2 on its way. I’ll find out soon enough.

Let’s not focus too much on the specs on paper, but how well it does in reality. Arm64 is very new and has its own caveats.



Thanks Sam…hopefully good news :relieved:

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AMLogic S905, S905X and S912 do look promising!
Would love to have some sort of OSMC support :slight_smile:

Does that mean you are thinking of doing a 32 bit build for the C2?

While I have your attention, do you have any plans to do an AArch64 image for the Raspberry Pi 3?


Any updates on this? I feel like I should just order one and wait for support to come, because when osmc (or even openelec) becomes compatible with the odroid-c2 I don’t think they will be very easy to get our hands on one then.

Don’t hold your breath for Odroid C2 support. It may happen one day but there are no immediate plans. The next platform to be supported by OSMC is going to be x64.

I understand. It will be a great addition to the osmc hardware family when that day does come. Still on the fence about ordering and waiting for support. Using android in the mean time could be interesting but definitely not as hassle free as osmc!

This is not a when, it’s a very improbable if at this point.

Thanks Sam! I donated $25, to thank you for your ongoing support for the Raspberry PI and consideration for supporting the Odroid-C2. I have a C2 on order :smile: Meanwhile I will continue to enjoy OSMC on my PI 2 Thanks!


Ha you reminded me of my own donation which I planned to do months ago but not sure if I ever did :slight_smile:

The Odroid C2 is absolutely interesting. i don’t care about 4K nor 64bit. But the processing power is way more than RPi2, plus the GPU is actually an upgrade, which is not the case with the RPi3. But it has the same price!

The Odroid would allow one to use a low power tiny device to:

  • work as mediacenter (Kodi)
  • music streamer (bluetooth, DLNA)
  • NAS file downloader (Transmission, Flexget)
  • Sync/backup photos from your mobile device automatically (SyncThing)
  • Private Cloud (OwnCloud using nginx) with photo gallery, file picker etc.

Especially OwnCloud could be a bit too heavy in combination with running Kodi and downloading stuff. I am not sure if the RPi3 has enough extra power to run Owncloud flawlessly in the background. I am sure the Vero 2 should have sufficient power. But it’s price is also higher. Commercially speaking, supporting the Odroid C2 would not become a priority ever. Unless it becomes a very popular device like the RPi.

I haven’t had a chance to look at mine yet. The 64-bit PC build is indeed my next priority.

Just a heads-up that you should try and source one from your local country if you do decide to buy one. Today I got a letter from FedEx with some rather hefty customs charges, even though the parcel was marked as a commercial sample.

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Hi Sam,

Have you started with tests in Odroid-C2? Any luck?