Tapatalk support for this forum


will be possible to add this forum to tapatalk?

im not albe to login to this forum trough tapatalk

I did manage to connect to the forum via tapatalk - but think it was a bit tricky.
Tapatalk changed things a while back, and, while things may have been made easier for a lot of destinations, forums such as this were more tricky - I wish I could have stayed with that older version.

if you were able to set the tapatalk for this forum, could you please make some tutorial or guide for it? :smile:

I’ll see if I can recover it (the tablet I used, died)

+1 for Tapatalk

OK - had another look for it, and cannot see a way of doing it properly - I can only get to the point where it brings up the internet browser, which is pointless, as you can do it directly.

The Discourse forum software provides no support for Tapatalk AFAIK…

As @ActionA said, Discourse does not support Tapatalk, and there are no plans to support it in the future.

Safari and Chrome have a “add to home screen” feature that will add an icon to your home screen for quicker access.

Ok then… Thanks all for answers… I dont need set it as homescreen on my browser, i just wanted read this forum on my phone/tablet

IMO, Discourse is optimized pretty well for mobile/tablet browsers.

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ok, thanks, i will test it on my phone and tablet :smile:

Tapatalk sucks.
Discourse mobile website is 10 times better.

I used to be a big fan of Tapatalk, but with every update, the UI changed completely, so did the workflow. It became completely unusable since Android auto-updates the app and many times it became extremely annoying to find your forum or use the app.

I removed the app months ago. Big fan of discourse. Please don’t switch to a forum system that relies on Tapatalk for mobile use.

How did you find it in TapaTalk?

It’s so long ago, I don’t remember, and I’ve been forced to a new phone as well

Just curious: iPhone or Android?

Android - reason for change was that the micro-usb socket on the phone was rendered unusable (my mis-handling)

Safari and Chrome have a “add to home screen” feature that will add an icon to your home screen for quicker access

Yes, but it’s nicer to have all forums together in one app. I like Tapatalk for the most part. See no reason why Discourse couldn’t have it’s own mobile format and also support Tapatalk. But I guess that’s for Discourse to suss out and not Sam & Co.

I would have thought the only reason for this would be for notifications. Android web notifications already work for this forum.

We could build an iOS app if necessary.


We could build an iOS app if necessary.

Dang, that’s dedication. No need for that from where I stand. Besides, I already made a shortcut. :slight_smile:
But seriously, yes, the notifications would be nice, but also the forum consolidation in one app. If you have any pull with Discourse, let them know. I assume they don’t have their own iOS app? Maybe they should. I use a ton of forums and don’t believe I have any others using this.