Terrible support

Hi i bought 2 months ago a Vero 4K+ and from the beginning the Vero crashes. I send crash dumps Made cams and we swaped the power supply even did a new installatie. Even now i have to make a picture of my wallplate again. Stop delaying swap the unit or even better give my mony back.

Welcome to the support forum considering this is your first post here


Hello Hendryk,

I’m sorry you feel this way. I am keen to get this matter resolved for you promptly.

  • On 2nd February 2019, you opened a support ticket stating that your device was crashing unexpectedly.

  • On 3rd February 2019, I suggested that you re-install OSMC; as this can fix issues caused by unstable operating system changes.

  • On 4th February you stated that this didn’t work, so I requested some further information: namely a video of the problem and some logs via My OSMC.

  • On 6th February, you ask me what I expect to see and I requested the logs again. You send some logs and videos but they are blank and I cannot access the files.

  • Eventually, we get some logs. On 18th February, I suggest that you make some changes to the settings on your system. I also suspected your PSU was faulty, so request that you try powering the device via a USB cable.

  • On the 19th February, you state that the device works as expected when powering via a USB cable. We then sent you a new power supply promptly.

  • Yesterday, on 1st March, you stated that you had receive the new power supply but were still experiencing issues. I have tested this power supply personally, so can confirm it’s working. I asked for a photo so we could verify it was connected directly to the wall, and stated that we should arrange for a replacement of the device.

  • On 2nd March (today), I re-sent the return information again. We’re happy to swap the unit over for you; but I wanted to run through some steps first. As explained to you previously, it’s not possible to refund an order without you returning the goods.

If you have any questions or would like to take a quick call about this, please let me know. I’d like to get you up and running again as soon as possible.



Hendryk… I generally feel that Sam and the crew does the utmost for us customers. I have no complaints about the HW quality of my Vero 4K. Only outstanding gripe I have has to do with the odd resolution of our TV.

There seems to be issues with the PSU though. I finally ditched mine and am now using an old Cisco adapter that works perfectly.

PSU Issues seems to be common in the industry. The leak-detector that was installed in our house had the same problems so I ended up buying a better quality PSU. Sometimes wouldt it be better if stuff were sold without those pesky wallwarts. That way you could buy better quality adapters yourself :slight_smile:

I’ve already sent him a new PSU which I personally tested. He says this hasn’t helped — so his issue is unlikely to be PSU related.

We’ve had this conversation before. The PSUs should be fine; the general quality (durability etc) has also been improved.

I think it would be odd to ship a product without a power supply; particularly as the device is intended to be plug and play.


True. But neither the original PSU, nor the replacement would have passed proper EMC testing. The vendor might claim it does just as most Chinese vendors do, but that does not make it so :slight_smile: Safety-wise, the PSUs were OK. Just extremely noisy, like so many other wall-warts.

It’s possible you have two bad PSUs; but we did pass that PSU model though certification: a requirement to putting something on the market. We might’ve had a bad run of some of them. A couple of years ago we had a high(ish) failure rate of about 6 in 100; but that has since been resolved and was a QC issue with a specific batch.

I do have to find a new PSU company at some point though, because we plan to mark the end of the cable red to avoid the likelihood of a user using the wrong power supply on their device. If you’d like to test a new PSU, let me know. It’ll be a while yet though.


I agree, the Power supply’s supplied with the Vero 4K are VERY noisy. Had to buy replacement supplies for my 3 Vero 4K’s as they made it impossible to use my SDR receiver in certain frequencies. Apart from my plasma TV, the 3 original Vero 4k power supplies was the biggest source of noise, but some new high quality power supplies fixed that.
So if anyone is interested in some spare power supplies, they can be picked up for free :wink:

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@thansen_dk Can you please recommend a high quality power supply that works with the vero 4k and 4k plus ?

I bought 3 Stontronics 2,5A power supplies, they where born with a microUSB connectors, so i had to buy a barrel connectors and solder them on as well. I don’t know if they come with barrel connectors.

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FWIW. I used an old one that came with a Cisco ADSL, unit. Had a similar issue with the leak-detector in the house and bought a DIN-rail 24V PSU for that one. Can check the make later. Those DIN rail supplies come in various voltages but are generally of better quality, and larger :slight_smile:

Russ Andrews do custom DC supplies, they used to have a budget Powerpak range but not sure if they only do expensive ones now.

Another of my favourites is Mascot. Norwegian company. Most of their stuff is manufactured overseas these days, but to their quality standards

Yes. I know, but the problem with switched PSUs in general is that they might work well with one particular load and then faile miserably in another.

Electricity is not my field of expertise… do you mind telling me what spec power supply I need to look for please?

They do – the Vero 1 used Stontronics PSUs, but we stopped using them as they had a high defect rate. We were probably just unlucky though. I know the official Pi micro USB power supply is manufactured by Stontronics; and they seem to perform well.

any 5V supply that can provide the required number of amps for the Vero 4K: 5V, 2A center positive, 5.5mm OD; 2.1mm ID

So 2A or better.


After all i solved the problem with a 6 euro USB to 5 V plug cable. Both power supplies were the cause of the problem. Greatings Hendryk

I personally tested the replacement power supply that was sent to you and it was working as expected. I would suggest testing with the PSU connected directly to the wall in a different part of your home. If you still experience issues, there may be something wrong with the device or something has blown the power supply.