[TESTING] 4K HDR playback with banding & flickering fixes

I must be misunderstanding.

The banding/flickering issue (as fas as it affects me) is the same in the april update as it was in march. Aka, it happens, unless i run the command that’s been mentioned.

In the march update, any files that were HDR would switch to HDR, and they still do. There was never a false positive, and there still isn’t. I’m not sure what the autoswitching is for.

If the above is irrelevant then please just disregard.

The autoswitching is meant to sit bit depth, colour space etc properly.

Reading some of the earlier comments might make more sense.

So if the autoswitching isn’t changing bit depth accurately, you’ll want to enable the 10-bit via the CLI. Obviously if you try and display 10-bit content with 8-bits you’ll get banding. But the actual banding issues when playing 4K HDR 10-bit content when having the bitdepth set correctly is resolved, and other users have confirmed this. Prior to this update, users would get flickering even if they set the bit depth.

So while saying it’s fixed, it’s still not fully automatic as we either need to set rc.local to fix 10bit output, or use the new auto switch thing which isn’t working 100% yet


Ok so as a general user who is not modifying / editing files to set depths and such like it’s still not working? I have the April 25 update, I have HDR auto switching set to off. In fact I have reset to default settings, I have tried different HDMI cables. I still do get banding when watching 4K HDR movies.

Should I, as a general end user, without tinkering with rc.local or whatever these types of setting are be able to watch 4K HDR without banding? If the answer is yes what the hell could I be doing wrong?! I’m getting frustrated with my ability to sort this out myself.

The shortest way to put it is that you should just enable 10-bit in rc.local for now. You won’t get banding or flickering.

No – because as explained above, the auto switching does not always work. This was added as an experimental feature. The goal is to simplify HDR autoswitching in the future. For now however, we have fixed banding and flickering when colour depth is set properly.

Our focus is to work on improving the HDR autoswitching now, which is why I’m trying to finalise this topic, as the original reported issue is fixed.

The easiest is to just fix the file. If you can connect to your box i made a pretty simple step-by-step a few posts up on how to modify the file.

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You can also go to updates -> manual controls -> apply hotfix and type:




Hallelujah! The hot fix sorted it instantly for me. I know it’s been me not knowing the jargon. Hot fix is my best friend.

So in the background has that set the player to force 10 bit out put for all files?

That’s right.

And how will it affect 8 bit files?

Wow the hotfix thing should be more common knowledge :slight_smile: i havent seen any difference playing regular 8bit stuff


I only added it last night at the request of a customer.


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Awesome. Is it possible to customize the hotfix name? [deprecated] doesnt really roll or the tongue nicely :smile:

Ok… for the first time i understand the meaning of the hdr auto switch and the entry in the rc.local - think my banding problem is solved… it looks like that the entry in my rc.local has an typo error so the hdr content was played in 8bit and the result was banding… i wonder that before april upate i don´t see banding but after i set the entry new yesterday and do some tests with the 4k demo i haven´t seen any banding yet…thanks again for your support!

Not at this time


You only have to do it once.

Will future update effect this Hotfix or is it set once and never need to do again?

You can set it once, provided you’re happy with the results.

The combination of the April update and the hot-fix fixed all the banding and flickering issues I was having with 10-bit 4K HDR material on my Panasonic OLED. Thanks Sam!