[TESTING] 4K HDR playback with banding & flickering fixes


PLL was wrong.

Wait for auto detection to be finalised and you won’t need to set 10-bit manually


Tried a few more movies, the german “IT” UHD HDR Bluray which was previously detected as 8 bit is now detected as 10 bit.
But the german Jigsaw UHD HDR Bluray is detected as 8 bit, though it’s 10 bit.

Format                                   : HEVC
Format/Info                              : High Efficiency Video Coding
Commercial name                          : HDR10
Format profile                           : Main 10@L5.1@High
Codec ID                                 : V_MPEGH/ISO/HEVC
Duration                                 : 1 h 31 min
Bit rate                                 : 72,0 Mb/s
Width                                    : 3 840 Pixel
Height                                   : 2 160 Pixel
Display aspect ratio                     : 16:9
Frame rate mode                          : konstant
Frame rate                               : 23,976 (24000/1001) FPS
Color space                              : YUV
Chroma subsampling                       : 4:2:0 (Type 2)
Bit depth                                : 10 bits
Bits/(Pixel*Frame)                       : 0.362
Stream size                              : 46,3 GiB (89%)
Language                                 : Deutsch
Default                                  : Ja
Forced                                   : Ja
Color range                              : Limited
Color primaries                          : BT.2020
Transfer characteristics                 : PQ
Matrix coefficients                      : BT.2020 non-constant
MasteringDisplay_ColorPrimaries          : BT.709
MasteringDisplay_Luminance               : min: 0.0050 cd/m2, max: 1000 cd/m2
MaxCLL                                   : 1000 cd/m2
MaxFALL                                  : 390 cd/m2

Latest version from the devel-repo from today.


10-bit autodetection is still experimental. We are working on some improvements in this area however.

Many thanks



Update works fine most of the time, but sometimes needs reboot to get into 4:4:4,10bit mode.

I experienced a different problem though:
In 4:4:4,10bit mode I get no signal on TV when the Vero4k is connected to my Denon AVR-X1300W.
When I connect the Vero4k directly to the LG C7 TV it works fine and the banding is gone.

I made some logs below:

Another problem I have not related to the topic

My old account somehow vanished.
It was automatically created when I bought the Vero4K in december, but now I´m not able to login or reset my password, giving me a user/adress unknown, the username was Inspectah.


It’s possible your receiver cannot support this format.

It still exists. See Information about your OSMC account



The AVR is fully HDMI 2.0a compliant, so it should support it.


Check HDMI cables between the AVR and TV.
What does the AVR show on the screen?



I can say that the 4:4:4,10bit mode for some reason is flaky with my Denon receiver as well, my model is X3400H. I tried everything I could think of (bought a new certified cable from 4k to denon, lock hpd and reboot in kodi, disabled video conversion in the denon and reboot everything) and now it works, most of the times, but just yesterday one 4k movie didn’t give me any video signal. Stopping and restarting the movie fixed the problem. I was waiting for the next update to see if things improve.


I got the same issue, thought everybody has these issues, it works 7/10 times … so not always.
Got 2.0b 18GB/s certified cables, switched them with my Shield and UHD player, but the problem stays the same.


I think we are talking about two different things.

  • HDR auto-switching is experimental. We know it does not always work.
  • But 10-bit output should be fine if manually configured via CLI.


Switching between 8 and 10bit is the issue I mean, been an issue from the beginning for me.
It works 7 out of the 10 times or so…

Running in 8 bit 2160p 50Hz GUI
Cmdline 444,10bit
Start movie
Cmdline clear attr
Stop movie
If it is OK, goto end
If it failed, blue no display screen goto start

Mostly it works but this can loop sometimes for 3-4 times before I get a GUI again, the movie always displays btw.
Like I said, I thought this was known, otherwise I would have a topic about it ages ago.


I was suspecting the cables first too.
But I tested them all and they all work fine when connecting the Vero4k directly to the TV.

I got it partially working now, at least I get a picture.
I switched to a different HDMI port on the AVR, as I read about better clocking for ports nearer to the output: https://denon-uk.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4377/~/hdr-passthrough-not-working (don´t know which model they are referencing there though).

It now shows a picture (this is a pure black scene), but it has white little dots everywhere and I get distorted sound:


Will look in to this.

Looks like Denon AVRs are the gift that keep on giving.
Is everyone using a Denon AVR?



Yeah it really sucks.
Sorry that you have to solve other vendors problems.


Got an Onkyo sorry :wink:


In a way, that’s good to hear :slight_smile:


my problem with the Denon is different: no video at all, only audio. Maybe I’ll have some time during the weekend to collect more details, if the problem comes up again.


I had a similar problem on my new Denon (X4400H) AVR. When switching the Vero to 4K 10 bit the signal was lost. When connecting the Vero directly to my Sony projector everything was fine.
At the end I figured that there is a menu setting “HDMI mode” in the projector that needed to be switched from “default” to “extended”. Seems the Denon checks the features of the display device and when the signal doesn’t match it just refuses to do anything at all.

Maybe have a look at your display’s parameters.
Also my AVR can show the capabilities of the connected HDMI devices in the “Information” -> HDMI menu, maybe you have that too.


Havent checked thread in a while but what’s happening? I havent seen any issues with 444,10bit via my denon x1300 - > lg b6

Is there anything special going on? I’ve got the rc.local set manually


What are your exact settings for AVR and TV?
I have the same AVR, but C7 LG.
Which HDMI port do you use for Vero4K?

I have the rc.local set too.