[TESTING] Kodi 17 (Krypton) Beta Builds for all platforms


Stucked in a sad face loop :((

Logs here


Thanks popcornmix for the explanation… very bad decision from my point of view.


You need to provide some context into what led to this point please.


Try moving your .kodi directory away.


Hi Sam,

you meant place something “enable plugin cache” into OSMC settings?

If so, I can’t wait to have it.



Trailer integration not working after update as per my last.

Movies -> Context Menu -> Information -> Trailer

Returned back to Movies.

Ignore but FYI.

Had a thought. Addons were disabled. Weird. After re-enabling youtube all fine.



Kodi have chosen to disable addons on update now to avoid conflicts. This will probably catch a few users out


Cheer Sam. Must read more :wink:



Hello, I have update to Kodi 17 but at the first boot after OSMC logo appear the logo of Kodi 17 and at this point I see “addon current migration”. After a few seconds appears unhappy logo OSMC and the system restarts automatically.

How can I fix?
Thank you



I Just have updated Kodi to 17, but there is a loop with sad face :frowning:

My logs:



You guys seem to have incompatible add-ons with Kodi v17.

Move them away to a backup directory.


I have removed Addon20.db and Addon26.db but appear always migration addons and than the system crash. Help me


Remove the addons, not just the database.


what is the path of the addon?
the first or second ?

  1. E:\usr\share\kodi
  2. E:\usr\lib\kodi

Thank you


I’m sorry, I’ve just done fresh install of OSMC (2016.12-1) and then executed commands above in terminal.


No difference :frowning:

I’ve made fresh install of OSMC (2016.12-1) and then executed commands above in terminal. During which I encountered following warnings.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Those warnings are not errors, and won’t prevent things from running correctly.

Unfortunately, as you haven’t posted a full set of logs we can’t tell what the problem is. I understand that you may not be familiar with this process. If that’s the case, you may wish to skip the beta process.


Oh I know, but it is the only sign of something going wrong during the installation process.

Logs from the second attempt of installing v17 build on freshly installed OSMC here.


03:23:48.476 T:1958523824 FATAL: addon ‘skin.estouchy’ not installed or not enabled.
03:23:48.476 T:1958523824 FATAL: CServiceManager::Init: Unable to start CAddonMgr

Looks like you found a bug. Thanks for reporting.


Thank you for the respond, are you able to tell me which addons cause the crash?

I was bored so I decided to upgrade to beta version without any big experience… Hope my logs will be useful anyway