[TESTING] Kodi 17 (Krypton) Beta Builds for all platforms


No video playback improvements like for vc-1?


Not sure if I was staring at the picture too hard and seeing stutter that wasn’t there, but I tried the core_freq=400 fix and it was better but still not perfect.

I just loaded the January update and set the deinterlace settings back to the default (“Auto Select”) and it looks good … no stutter seen at all.

Thanks …


Am I doing something wrong? I am stuck with “BETA5”. Shouldn’t OSMC upgrade to RC4? My sources.list looks like the following:

deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian jessie main contrib non-free

deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian/ jessie-updates main contrib non-free

deb http://security.debian.org/ jessie/updates main contrib non-free

deb http://apt.osmc.tv krypton main

What am I missing?



Awesome, go party now :slight_smile:


I’ve just realised that since I ve upgraded to Krypton the option noauto,x-systemd.automount in fstab doesn’t work as before. My share are mounted even if I haven’t accessed them since reboot. Not a major problem issue, just thought I had to pass it on. I can provide logs if asked for.


Well looking like you are missing the original osmc repository line
deb http://apt.osmc.tv jessie main

other than that you would need to upload logs otherwise we only can guess


Not yet. I will make a separate build available for those willing to test that.


You should also have http://apt.osmc.tv jessie main in your repository.


Nothing has changed here. So check that you haven’t changed fstab and check your logs.


Thank you Sam, that did the trick! No idea why this repo was missing…


See [TESTING] Improved video clock with Kodi Krypton.

For those experiencing slight synchronisation issues on Vero 2, please see the above test build. I’d like to get these improvements in to the final version of Kodi Krypton which will land shortly, so I’d appreciate your feedback.



I have one problem with RC4 – micro drop-outs on music playback (like in my old post) from network NAS, but this time i have buffermode for network devices on. Same bug was on RC3. I didn’t play music on Beta4 so I don’t know how long is this bug present.
I tried to play yael naim and there was to dropouts, then I stoped music. On Kodi 16 it was ok.

(Sorry for long log - I had problem with one video, but maybe it is related only to this video file.)


Yes, but my receiver don’t have an HDMI :wink:


While HDMI CEC has the same version (4.0) in this RC4 than in latest nightly from the other thread, it doesn’t share the same options.
I didn’t checked them all but at least one is now missing :“exit” “when the TV is turn off”.

This one was particularly useful for me since it was the only working way of stopping PVR from playing live TV when the tv was turned off.


has anyone tried this on atv1?

i had most recent jarvis installed and tried but was stuck in a reboot loop after. i would see kodi first run splash screen then it would reboot. i use the box mainly for testing messing about so wiped with clean install with fresh created USB and latest hdd image but after that didnt even boot in to jarvis with the below error in Kodi log, tried upgrading again to 17 but still the same error then nothing else after it written to the log

ERROR: Control 20010 in window 13001 has been asked to focus, but it can’t


Should work OK on ATV1 (albeit with limitations of aTV1)



Thanks Sam,

i tried installing the December Jarvis image but still get that error about focus, and also errors about parsing and unable to load skin settings after install, and if i then try the upgrade to 17 it is still the same errors. i tried renaming .kodi and restating at Jarvis and Krypton. all was wotrking well updated to january 17 Jarvis image, but since trying to upgrade to krypton i cant get Kodi to load at all, i tied on a second ATV i have and got exactly the same results.
how do i set debug in ssh? i looked on the wiki but the link for ‘how to submit a useful support request’ but the link is broken.


Got it working! turned on debug in advanced settings and found Kodi was trying to run at 1080p but my TV only goes up to 720p. plugged to a 1080p TV, set to 720p in kodi settings plugged back to original TV and all OK. upgraded to v17 and works like a charm. Very pleased!

Thanks for the great software!!!



OK Spoke too soon!

I found an issue with caching fanart, i use MySQL for my DB, as have android boxes dotted around the house, and Kodi on my laptop and a couple of tablets, the ATV’s are mostly (but not quite yet!) retired and sit in my office and i use them for setting up skins so i can export guisetting.xml to my other installs, doing library updates etc and playing music while i work. I have fanat.jpg and folder.jpg in the relevant folders for most of my media. I found on music and movies (not tried TV yet but suspect it will be the same) where fanart.jpg and folder.jpg exists all is fine and the fanart and thumb are cached in a timely manner and display well on the screen however, if the folder the media resides in does not have ‘fanart.jpg’ file, Kodi crashes and restarts.


Do you have a debug log?
On AppleTV, it’s probably OOM


This would definitely be a extremely nice feature to have, because I tend to forget about the running live TV feature, too all the time. Would be bad if this possibility were no longer there.

But speaking of this: Isn’t there a way to map the “TV is turned off” to “Stop” which should also stop live TV?