[TESTING] New OSMC skin for Krypton

Originally this was my intended behaviour.

Just lovely, really. This, now tested, works very well and is intuitive :slight_smile:

Thank goodness! Once implemented this will take care of my last reservation on the new skin :wink:

Only other change needed… the music folder shortcut needed to be changed from an ActiveWindow(10501, smb share) to a Common Music Browser command. Given the couple minor tweaks needed… no problem here as I’ll just use the backup-add-on to make a fresh backup and sync to the others once Krypton is live.

Nice work!

The skin has been updated.

You can run the following commands to update it

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Thanks for all the feedback so far.

The updated version of the skin includes a number of minor fixes and improvements based on all the feedback we’ve received so far. Most notably, you’ll see that we’ve reworked the background to reduce the brightness of the skin. Thanks to some incredibly clever work by our designer, we’ve done this whilst managing to maintain the OSMC colours and enhance the visibility of your media’s fanart.

There are also various improvements to dialogs, including the busy dialog, and fixes to the availability of the different views.

Please keep the feedback coming.

The coloring is now FANTASTIC. The dark background without lost legibility is just lovely.

Using shortcuts in the context submenu is much more legible now that the backgound doesnt bleed through so much. While it would still be nice to let this move to a location other than the left side of the screen, this is usable. Anyway to allow for a larger font size though. 16 feet back from a 42" screen is a little difficult to read?

How long away is the Big Icon / Grid view from being available to replace the list view?

Minor point.
MyOSMC’s icon is smushed.
My OSMC’s Network black text on dark blue is almost legible once very close to the screan.

@sam_nazarko. I take it 1080p hardware rendering has not yet been implemented?

My OSMC will get a redesign soon. Aware of the ‘smudging’ and that will be fixed.

Still working on Krypton improvements, there are a few upstream bugs so waiting for those to be resolved before proceeding


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I suspect we’re going to struggle to go much larger in the left-hand menu’s without running out of space when there’s a large number of items to display/clipping long labels to the right, but we’ll certainly look at it.

If your source has a content set (you can set a content - Movies, TVShows, etc - to a source without setting a scraper if you don’t want it in your library), the Wall view should now be available. It is unlikely to be available when a content hasn’t been set, as we use the content type to determine which images/information to display.

settings/media/library/Manage Sources/video/… all of my shortcut folders are here (children, comedy, etc)

When I go to the context menu from settings/media/library/Manage Sources/video/children or via the shortcut children the following icons have no action when highlighted and selected:


hooked up a keyboard, selected the folder, pressed C

shortcut children would only let me set the media type on each movie’s folder. icky

settings/media/library/Manage Sources/video/children let me set the media type on the entire children’s directory

This did the trick! Many thanks :wink:

I love the additional info displayed / movie on the wall

Hi @BobCrachett

When I was sending a bug related to hard drives and automount, @sam_nazarko [Thank you Sam] discovered that there was maybe a skin bug related to a addon that I have installed.

He detected this:

18:19:41 12.612364 T:1959034880 ERROR: Misplaced ]
18:19:41 12.612466 T:1959034880 ERROR: Error parsing boolean expression [!Skin.HasSetting(widgetFanart)] + [StringCompare(Container(9000).ListItem.Property(submenuVisibility),weather) + [Control.HasFocus(8009) | String.IsEqual(Skin.String(menuStyle),lumos)] + Skin.HasSetting(weatherFanart.multi)] + `

Here is the log:

This is my comment about this in the other post.

Can you tell me if this is a skin bug, please? If not, I’ll report this to the creator of that addon for check it.

Thanks!!! ^^

The log error is related to the weather fanart option, and won’t have any bearing on any IPTV addon. However, I’ve noted it and will fix it soon.

The visibility conditions for the Live TV/Radio menu items depends on what version of the Skin Shortcuts script you’re running. If you’re running the Kodi repo version, they’re designed to show if the PVR client reports you have TV or Radio Channels respectively. In the current development version, they show if you have a PVR client enabled. However, you can change an option in the scripts settings to always show them if their automatic visibility conditions aren’t working correctly.

Thank for your answer @BobCrachett I’ll tell about this to the creator of that addon for look into it too. ^^

Thanks @BobCrachett

Skin improvements have now been built and included in the official Krypton builds repository. I’ve also notified @gmc about this, so I suspect he’ll pick up the improvements in the morning.



  • left side-bar menu is too brightly colored

  • background colors need some evening out(Left side dark and right side bright) needs more balance between the two

  • The new loading logo thing is very very laggy on the raspberry pi

Keep up the great work guys :slight_smile:

I’ll double-check that this feedback reaches our designer.

With the new build of the skin, the ‘laggy’ animation (actually we just slowed it down so Kodi isn’t wasting cpu cycles drawing it when it could be loading whatever you’re waiting for) will only be used on the rPi 1 and the Apple TV - other systems should use the full-speed animation.

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I can understand comments re brightness, but we need to be careful adjusting without a more general concensus first. We will not be able to please everyone here so we should see if we can tick the right boxes for as many people as possible.

I think there are a fair few people testing who haven’t left any feedback yet. If you are reading this and you’re one of these people, feel free to chime in with some suggestions.



hi there, great work with the new skin.

i noticed that when you go to a category/section that contains videos it shows the “up” button and you cannot tell it contains videos, you have to click “right” to view that it has contents., maybe if it shows faded out covers of the video that would be easier to understand that there is something in there?

Thanks for the feedback. What you describe is normally a sign that the artwork hasn’t been loaded/cached yet. Once it has been, you should see covers of the videos to the right as you describe. Currently being coded-up are fallback images which will display instead when the artwork isn’t loaded yet, which will be in the next update of the skin.

this is great, thanks.

An updated version of the skin is now available. You can run the following commands to update it:-

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

This release is primarily aimed at cleaning up a few of the smaller issues that have been reported here and elsewhere. Most notably, it improves which images the skin chooses to display within library views and adds fallback images if they’re not available.

We’ve also added the feature request of showing Now Playing information when your media isn’t full-screen.

Please keep your feedback coming.

Updated on the V2, no CEC still however upon the reboot I had a sad face after a message box said ‘skinning shortcuts’

Updated on the RPi2 with debugging on… and the same issue
after the sad face: grab-logs -a

I like that the Now Playing shows in the upper right (for music) when I press exit to browse other items

I do not like that when I press exit again it takes me back to the current song, but on a screen that is otherwise black but for the song time location… it would be really nice if it instead took me back to the current folder/album that the song is located in

Will investigate the error re. shortcuts.

CEC is still an ongoing issue with CEC 4.0.0. Working on it.

Good luck in your election :slight_smile: