[TESTING] New OSMC skin for Krypton


Thanks Sam & Co!

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I voted for Kodos.


Unfortunately we can’t influence this kind of Kodi navigation from the skin. If there are any visualisations available (I don’t appear to have any on my own system, but I don’t use Kodi for music so I may just be missing them) then selecting one - the third button from the right on the music osd) would at least mean it’s not just a black screen.


When using this skin with a addon that shows a large list of sources the system crashes with a sad face and reboots


What constitutes a large list? Does it crash every time? Does it work correctly with Estuary?

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Our wiki contains detailed steps for providing the relevant info we need to help you.



Thanks for checking! The playing content info is still a nice touch!


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The new skin is very beatiful )

Sad face and crash appears when I try to view list of channels with PVR Simple Client using this playlist http://tv.tenet.ua/iptv-full.m3u. Also there is question marks instead of cyrillic chars in channel names.


Do you have a debug log of the crash?


That link results in an empty file



Maybe it’s an internal isp resource iptv-full.zip (2.9 KB)


Cyrillic symbols not displaying at all. Even in interface localization.


It sounds like the default font we use (Source Sans Pro) doesn’t have those characters. It’s possible to choose Arial from the Interface settings which supports a much wider character set. I can see from a very quick test, though, that there are some issues with using Arial at the moment which will be fixed in the next update of the skin.


Yes, changing to Arial makes cyrillic readable, but skin formatting became ugly :frowning:

Channel list also became readable, but still craches, so maybe it’s not a skin related issue. Switching channels from Yatse working well.


a the moment i’m not at home but I will send logs when I have the change.

With the Estuary skin the problem doesn’t occure, a large list is about 30 and up sources.


Same for my channel list :slight_smile:
I think it’s the same issue.


Source Sans Pro recieved cyrillic support on Jul 9, 2014. I replaced it with the latest version from adobe’s repo and all characters displayed correctly now. So it is a good idea to update font in package )


An update for the skin is now available. With thanks to @Merlin, it includes updates to fonts and fix for the crash in the PVR Guide window.


Thank you )
There’s additional bug in channels screen. If guide is specified and has no entries for some channels there is lonely colon under channel’s name in list.
Also after pressing OK on channel in channel’s list streaming begins but skin UI is not disappearing.


Added the “lonely colon” to my to-do list.

The channels starting behind the GUI is a Kodi setting. Settings > Live TV > Playback and de-select Start playback minimised.