[Testing] Raspberry Pi 3 USB stopped working after composite devel upgrade

Hi folks,

in case of the github issue about broken composite output:

I did the devel upgrade. after reboot the USB Ports stopped working.
Downgrade to bootloader did not solve the problem.

Tested on Raspberry 3B and 3B+

Do you have the same problem?

I asked @popcornmix about this.

He suggests you try Raspberry Pi OS and see if you experience a problem there. The latest version is also using the 5.15 kernel.

which one 32 or 64 bit?:


Have tested Raspberry Pi OS 32 and 64bit. The problem does not exist.

So i did a further test with osmc image → problem is back, exist already.

tested a usual usb keyboard, same problem.

Stay tuned - someone on our team was able to reproduce the issue.

I will investigate further

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I updated my OSMC on RPI3 last night after being prompted and now USB is not working at all.
Am I having the same issue discussed here?
Is there a way to perform a rollback of the update?

It sounds like you had the staging repository activated. You can install an older kernel and may want to avoid that repository as it’s for testing purposes only.

I think I’ve found the issue on RBP 2/3/3+ and it should now be fixed in staging and you should be able to update using the same instructions.

However, I couldn’t reproduce this problem on Pi 4 and the needed changes are already default on Pi 4.

Please try updating again and let me know how it goes

Many thanks


i confirm, usb is back :+1:


You are right, I had the dev repo active. I think it was from back when widevine needed a newer distro than the main branch had. Not sure though…
Thanks anyways for the hint.