Thinking of buying a Vero 4K

Looking to buy something that will run Kodi after nightmare with Q10 Pro (video stuttering) and other issues.

Kodi is my main focus and want to basically be able to play movies without stutter and frame skipping.

I will be using for Kodi but i have some questions

  1. Any known stuttering or anything similar with the Vero 4K?
  2. Does it have google play store? as looking to also download some local streaming apps (iplayer, itv hub, all4, my5) from play store.
  3. I don’t know if this box boots android or anything or just osmc (kodi)?
  4. Does it support auto resolution/frame swtiching when watching videos?
  5. is there a max capacity on external usb storage?
  6. Can Vero 4K read NTFS file system from usb hdd?
  7. I guess an external hdd powered would be ok?
  8. Which version of Kodi is osmc using?
  9. Is there any issues with copying from mac to vero 4k via smb? had problem on other device where android was only reporting OS storage (less than 1gb) and not hdd storage so had to use either windows/linux as mac kept reporting not enough disk space.
  10. Does the device require fiddly patches and custom firmware just to get it to work like q10 pro?

I searched youtube in hope i could see someone doing a device review showing the device from boot up and showing us around the device, as to my understanding it don’t actually run android so therefore the device won’t have google play store or anything like that, would i rite in thinking that?


If you search the forum you will find a few rare cases where the Vero4k has an issue. But most of these are either be fixed by @sam_nazarko very fast or they are caused by encoding issues.

Vero4k is mainly running Debian, therefore no Play Store. There is technically the possibility to install Android but currently not in a easy way and performance on Debian is better.

The box by default boots OSMC which is Debian as an OS with Kodi as Media Center


No as long as you power the drive respectively



Currently 17.3; After this weekend most likely 17.4 and there are beta test for 18


No, everything works out of the box and you normally would receive automatic updates on a monthly base.


thanks for the quick reply, one thing i did notice watching forums for past two days is it’s seems very friendly here, with excellent support and a good developer which is a bonus when it comes to these devices, just gotta decide whether i can cope without android as android was what i wanted (kodi+some play store apps), will have to have a think about it and decide before bank holiday sale ends.


Well Kodi on Android clearly is not the best experience. So if Kodi is a main target than OSMC is a good OS

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To be honest i didn’t think of it beforehand but i could get a amazon fire tv stick for those few apps, only want them as my Samsung TV the apps on there always buggy and not working, it’s hit and miss, so they would be just kind of backup incase tv ones fail to load etc.

oh and one more question, as it’s Kodi i guess i can still install addons like in normal kodi and themes?


Yes – if you’ve used Kodi on another device, you will find the experience to be the same.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Libreelec on Vero 4K?

I did migrate from android to osmc and I find that experience to be very liberating. Android still is not ideal for Kodi, its limitation is holding Kodi back. The Vero 4k with osmc gives me a better experience than the best android box for 200€ can offer (shield tv).

My decision to choose the Vero 4k was the strong software support and the fast and friendly responses you get here. Since that kind of support is guaranteed for 5 years, the value of the Vero 4k is tremendous.