Timeline for switch to Debian Stretch (9.0)?


within the last update there was the remark that the preparations for Debian 9 started after it is now officially released. Are there any details that can be shared with the community? It would be interesting to see the timeline when OSMC will switch to Debian 9.


This has been discussed on the blog. In short: when it’s ready; but you can test Stretch today if you change your sources.list and are happy to test

Thanks a lot. I can test after summer vacation. Will be on vacation for the next few weeks.


I’m interested to test. Is there a forum entry detailing the steps or can you provide them to me?

Not yet – but you can see on GitHub that things are happening.



If you mean here (GitHub - osmc/osmc at debian-stretch), then last commit was on Sep 28, 2016?

So when will we switch osmc to stretch?

As Sam said:

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You should look at the master branch
You can already get Stretch if you manually update

yep, just saw last commit there, so something is happening :slight_smile:

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Hi Sam,

Now the weather doesn’t really invite to spend time outside I would like to play a bit more with hyperion.ng. Problem is I upgraded my “RPI-build-box” to Debian Stretch so I can no longer use the hyperion-packages I build there on the Vero due to changed dependencies. I could downgrade it back to Jessie but since Stretch is “around the corner” for the Vero I don’t really want to.

I would like to upgrade manually to Stretch. Can the Raspbian upgrade procedure be used on the Vero? Is just replacing jessie with stretch in sources.list sufficient? Will this keep my box compatible with future update/upgrades of the Vero? i.e. is the future upgrade of the Vero basicly with I will do manually?

I don’t know what the Raspbian upgrade procedure is.

I would recommend waiting until we post instructions. It’s not far off


Thanks Sam,

I’ll try to be patient :grinning:
This is the procedure I used on 2 RPI’s to upgrade from jessie to stretch. Worked without a glitch both times.


That looks OK. The only thing is our Stretch repository isn’t built out yet.

Seen as I need to upgrade to Stretch on the Vero because of changed dependencies/version (e.g. Python 3.4 -> 3.5) I guess it’s best to wait until the Stretch repository has been built.

It’s testing time. See [TESTING] Debian Stretch upgrade for OSMC.