TP-Link vs. Edimax vs. Asus N10

Hi guys,
I had enough of the poor performance and poor drivers of my TP-link WN725N so I’m going to replace it.

What’s your opinion on these three usb wlan dongles? which one is the best choice for my RPI2?

My options are now these(i’ll accept other suggestions!):

  • Edimax EW-7811UN
  • Asus N10
  • TL-WN823N(dunno if my router is AC or N so I dunno if i’ll get any advantages on the speed)

I can recommend the TP-Link TL-WN823N - I have one and it performs very well in OSMC.

It is not an AC adaptor though, nor does it have 5Ghz. It is 2.4Ghz only and ABGN. It does support 2 spatial streams (MIMO - two internal antennas) however which most adaptors do not so if you have a MIMO router you will get twice the performance of most N cards.

On My Pi 2 I see over 90 Mbps measured throughput through the ceiling to an upstairs room and about 116Mbps in the same room.

Thanks DbMandrake.
I was a little afraid of the TL-WN823N because of the problems the 725N has given me but I trust your choice!

I’ll go for that one.

The Asus N10 NANO works fine on my Pi 2. :slight_smile:

@DBMandrake could you please describe how throughput can be measured? How about signal strength (you mentioned -65 dB as a good measure here)? I also have a TL-WN823N and wanted to compare its performance.

How do you know if you have a MIMO router? I have a D-Link DIR-850L. I found some sources that mention MIMO capabilities, but nothing on the D-Link site I referenced. Would I need to configure anything?

To measure throughput I used iperf2 between the Pi 2 with the Wifi adaptor and a Mac Mini connected via Gigabit Ethernet directly to the Wireless router / cable modem.

Figuring out what the capabilities of the AP are when they aren’t documented can be tricky. It can be deduced by looking at the wireless rates that can be achieved with known client devices but it does take some familiarity of the wifi standards to do this.

Started a new thread to discuss this.