Transmission permission denied error

Hey guys,

So I have a OSMC/Retropie setup going on my raspberry pi 3 and I’ve followed this guide: How to install CouchPotato and SickChill on Raspberry Pi

(Thank you very much for creating this HowTo nenad!!)

So I have sickrage and transmission working as well as my Windows Share mounted successfully in /media/TVShows on my raspberry pi. However, I’m wanting to download and store all my TV Shows on my windows machine as I have that shared out to the rest of my network.

Now, the problem is that when I add a file to Transmission it gives the permission denied error.

I have no idea how to fix this as I can’t figure out how to give my raspberry pi/osmc user write permissions to that windows share.

Any ideas?

Here is what I have in my /etc/fstab file:
// /media/TVShows cifs username=**,password=,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=07 ^ ^ ^ ^ 77 0 0

While this is possible, I’d run sickrage on the computer that’s hosting the shares.

Yeah I’ve been doing that but the raspberry pi is always on and low power as opposed to my massive gamingrig that uses 5 times more power. I could also store the files on an external USB hard drive but then I would need to buy a 1TB drive.

any ideas on how to make this possible though?

What you want to do is set up samba on the pi, then set sickeage to download torrents into a black hole.

Then set the torrent client on the machine hosting the shares to load torrents automatically from said shared folder.

Any other way would result in transmission trying to write to a folder it can’t access because the computer is turned off.