TrueHD / DTS-HD Vero 2

Hello there,

first off, fantastic product, im very happy with the overall experience
on my Vero 2.

Theres only one thing that bothers me right now,
it seems that my denon x1200 AVR won’t receive any TrueHD / DTS-HD
Audio from my BluRay Rips.

Passthrough is enabled, but i cant see the HDMI Output option in the Settings,
even if I hear sound over HDMI.

There is a Kodi Thread about Experimental HD-Audio Passthrough, but in only
involves the Android Version. In this version, there are more Passthrough options
then just DTS-Capable Receiver.

The maximum i get in my receiver ist Dolby Digital + Dolby Surround and normal DTS,
but the nice HD Audio Story doesn’t seem to work.

Do I have to wait or enable something by myself?

Kind regards,

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HD audio is not available yet, but it will come in the future. As you say, there has been some work on Android passthrough and this will make it to Linux versions of Kodi in the future.


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That sounds good, thank you and keep up the good work :sunglasses:

Will do! Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you are enjoying the Vero 2.

I’m in the same situation, and I too am eager to get that to work :slight_smile:
But as I know Sam - this will happen, and he will take the time to make it work right.
I got a “Kenwood KRF-V9300D” Receiver. Nice piece of Hardware if it wasn’t for the FAN inside :grimacing: Who puts a fan into a Audio device ???

Thx mate :slight_smile: Cheers.

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Hi there,

oops, I own a Vero and bought a Vero2 just in hope everything is getting better/faster etc. but now fall in this unexpected trap that no DTS-HD and True-HD passthrough is working/implemented. :scream:
Is there any rough deadline when these importing features become available? For that time being I’ve to switch back to the old Vero since the new box is of no use for me. :disappointed_relieved:

We should be able to get DTS-HD, but this is proving more complex than expected. This is why we didn’t advertise the Vero 2 with this feature yet.


Ok, powered off my Vero2 and will let it rest in a cupboard until this gets working. I bought the old Vero since the DTS-HD and True-HD pass-through feature was the key differentiator to me comparing the Pi2/3 and let me accept the price difference. I never have had expected that the Vero2 could have less basic features watching a video than the old model.
Well, in the current state I cannot recommend the Vero2 to my friends and colleagues. Hope to see this getting implemented, soon.

Thx for all your good work,

There are punters out here in the world who’d like to hear every DTS codec possible. Just sayin’. :wink:

Hi all,

this thread is now 5 months old and till now without any sign that the new Vero2 will be able to support passthrough DTS-HD and TrueHD.
So, could we get a concrete answer whether this feature will be implemented and when this should happen?
In my case the Vero2 is of no use without this function and instead of collecting dust in a cupboard I could sell it to someone who does not use a large surround environment.

Thx in advance,

yes this is true, i sold my old vero cuz i thought it would be normal, that all the old features will be provided on the new one.

As i has a huge home cinema for me this is very important and also was the key feature for me to buy the vero1 and than the vero2.

would be great if u could spend more focus and priority on this point, because with this feature working, the vero2 is definitely the best device out there, but for now it is just a compromise for me till this feature will work as on the old vero.


This would be a one thing, for me, that would make the Vero 2 great. It’s a good unit at the moment, however, all i use the Vero 2 for is watching my Blueray rips, and as a replacement for the first RPI the only real upgrade was the speed of the menu’s, and having a dedicated remote.

I can see others using the vero’s other bells and whistles, such as Andriod etc, but for me these are secondry to primary use as a media player.

It would be sad if this doesn’t end up developing further.

I’m interested in when there is likely to be some firm commitment to having this feature implemented. @sam_nazarko - any news on this?

The I2S connection seems to only properly support 2 channels bandwidth, so this may not be possible. This is why we were careful not to advertise support for this.

The core tracks can be streamed but I understand this is not ideal.


“The I2S connection” not sure what this is… does this mean it’s a hardware limitation?

Bit disapointed it looks like this feature won’t be coming to the Vero 2 after all.


I can understand that, but we were careful not to advertise such a feature to avoid disappointment. We will keep working on this but there is no firm commitment yet.


The Vero2 is still a great bit of kit… and like you say, HD Audio was always a possible add on rather than advertised feature.

If you could keep it in mind if you ever design a Vero3 though…

well, if the vero3 supports True-HD, i would like to sell my vero2 for anyone who does not need HD-Audio and buy myself the vero3. PM me if anyone is interested.

Sam, I’d really like DTS sound, but I’ve only just really recovered after rinsing out my wallet for the Vero2 that I’m using. Not keen to run out and spend more money to achieve a feature that might become available with an update.

I was SURE that I’d heard 5.1 sound previously, via either my ATV1 running CB2, or the Vero2 running OSMC. Is that right, or am I just imagining things?

What are the chances that you’ll figure out how to passthru DTS sound to an AVR over HDMI with the Vero2?

If no chance, or negligible, then please PM/email me. Thank you :slight_smile:

Actually, DTS and DD already work. It is the TrueHD / DTS-HD which make sproblems.