TV and Movies Library not working after July update


First my set up

1 x Raspberry pi 1b
1 x Raspberry pi 2
bello skin on both
mysql database

all was working fine until I installed the latest release (July) last night. on the pi 1b unit. Now on this I can no longer see any library items. I can access the files but not the library. Looking deeper I found that the content type was not set for TV / Movie / Music video, setting them back did not seem to save. Meaning for example, I change my SMB to content movies and save. Then check and it has reverted to none.

For obvious reasons I will not be updating the other box until I know this is resolved. Can anyone give me some guidance on what to try next?

Well, this post sounds very similiar

Further more

Well it seems you haven’t understood the context of the shared database. All Kodi versions have to be identical for using the shared database. As with this update there was a major Kodi change you need to have them all on the same version.

So recommend:

  1. Update both OSMC devices (and any other Kodi device you use)
  2. After that check if it works. If not check MYSQL if the new databases already have been created dump them (make a backup first) they will then be recreated
  3. As general with the Kodi MYSQL setup ensure that the kodi mysql user has full rigthts (not only for the current database but in general)

I am not near the boxes to try this right now but the logic seems sound enough.

Questions, before I potentially kill the 2nd box

a. If I remove the non upgraded box, leaving the recently updated box on the network, should things start to jump into life? this would leave only one on the network but would give me the chance to see that something still works.
b. If this new version requires me to dump the database and create a new one, will I not lose all my personal data? Views, changed scrapings and so on?

I only suggest to dump the newly created database which might have become corrupted (read the other forum entries on this topic).
I suggest you first carefully read the KODI information on MYSQL upgrading before you take any steps. As the wiki explains it first creates a copy (but you should make your own backup).
Take a look at I guess you are now ended up with two sets of databases (e.g. MyVideos90 and MyVideos93). The idea is to dump MyVideos93 while leaving MyVideos90 untouched and then the upgrade procedure will upgrade the content from MyVideos90 to MyVideos93.

But once again only do all this steps after:

  1. You have done sufficent backups of yoru databases
  2. You have read all the information on the Kodi wiki and understood the workings of it



A final follow up on this topic before I close it.

The problem was indeed due to an corrupt database created as part of the upgrade process. To fix this I dumped MyVideo93 (not MyVideo90) and booked with only the upgraded Pi on the network. The new Database was then created without issue and the data from MyVideo90 migrated.

Next step was to upgrade the second Pi, this was now straight forwards and I could follow the standard path.

In future, when upgrading I will be sure to only have one OSMC / Kodi client unit connected to the network. Once this is upgraded and working, and any database changes have taken place, I will add the remaining units.