TVDB Scraper not working?


New issue from today, worked fine until now. Vero4k won’t scrape new episodes.
Relevant info from the log is:

15:58:24.571 T:4055888640 DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: No NFO file found. Using title search for ‘smb://USERNAME:PASSWORD@san//media/Multimedia/TV/The Big Bang Theory/Season 11/The Big Bang Theory - S11E19 - The Tenant Disassociation.mkv’
15:58:24.572 T:4055888640 DEBUG: GetEpisodeList: Searching ‘’ using The TVDB scraper (file: ‘/home/osmc/.kodi/addons/’, content: ‘tvshows’, version: ‘3.0.1’)
15:58:24.603 T:4055888640 DEBUG: scraper: GetEpisodeList returned{“apikey”:“439DFEBA9D3059C6”,"id":80379}|Content-Type=application/json
15:58:24.604 T:4055888640 DEBUG: CurlFile::ParseAndCorrectUrl() adding custom header option ‘Content-Type: application/json’
15:58:24.604 T:4055888640 DEBUG: CurlFile::Open(0xd8f76398)
15:58:33.611 T:3880039168 DEBUG: script.module.osmcsetting.updates : - blurp 356 - Home.xml
15:58:42.477 T:4055888640 ERROR: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: HTTP returned error 503
15:58:42.477 T:4055888640 ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 503 for
15:58:42.477 T:4055888640 ERROR: Run: Unable to parse web site
15:58:42.478 T:4055888640 WARNING: No information found for item ‘smb://USERNAME:PASSWORD@san//media/Multimedia/TV/The Big Bang Theory/’, it won’t be added to the library.

Is it only me?
Any idea what’s wrong? 503 is a service unavailable error, but I don’t see others complaining?


Not just you.

It is probably down temporarily for some maintenance.

Ugh, still not back up.
Any idea how can I change the scraper?
I’m using mysql database, and no sources.xml file.


I didn’t know you could scrape data for media not defined as a source in Kodi. How would you tell Kodi what kind of content it is and which scraper to use?

In any case, for TV content maybe have a look at this similar thread:


The source is defined in the MySQL DB, so no need to set source. Actually adding source could result in duplicates if there is some variance case etc, so I just dropped it.

I can see the path and the assigned scraper, I’m just not sure how to correctly set it to another scraper with the right settings and references.

Then at least one of your Kodi devices uses a sources.xml. That is where you must edit the source type and scraper.

Not anymore, that device was long retired. Since copying the sources.xml induced duplicate which I spent lots of time to clean up, the suggestion then was to not use sources.xml, so I dropped it from my XML file backups.

It should be easy enough to change strScraper from to, however I don’t know what to put into strSettings which should be unique settings of the scraper. I guess if nobody has any idea I could back up the DB, change it and see what happens.

It’s really annoying, I can’t access the files directly or add them so I can view the new episodes.
Having to resort to view through Plex :frowning:

I’m surprised you’re able to scrape anything without one machine with a sources.xml file, but that’s OK. I can live with being surprised from time to time.

I don’t think there is another scraper option for TV Shows. Not that I’ve found anyway. I got so tired of being up and down and up and down that I wrote something that creates .nfo files from the guide information in my PVR app (since most of the TV shows I watch are recorded). That obviously won’t help in your case though. So I guess I really just posted to say you will probably have to wait until admins fix the site (again).

Appears to be working again, although slow according to some reports. I expect it may be sporadic based on the minimal information on TheTVDB forum.

I’ve discovered a new official KODI scraper called XEM which has been working for me during the outage. It does partially rely on TheTVDB but not, apparently, their api as it has worked without issue as long as the TheTVDB website has been up.


Yea, I was hesitant to mention that one, as it looks like the source code hasn’t been updated in over two years on GitHub. That and the fact that they still rely on thetvdb. I’m surprised it was able to keep working during the outage. I wonder if they’re caching some stuff from thetvdb on the proxy side.

Yes, seems to be working again.
First time in many years I’ve seen this kind of outage.