TVheadend problems

Thanks for sharing the LE settings. I think your best bet is to uninstall TVH, wipe or rename /home/osmc/.tvh, and reinstall. The sequence that should work is set out here: Watching live TV with a USB DVB tuner or network TV tuner

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I did a clean reinstall of TVH, and immediately disabled all EPG grabbers and enabled only Freeview - the result: an essentially empty EPG. It looks like the Freeview grabber is not working with my stick under OSMC. Ho-hum, have spent a lot of time on this now, maybe one day the mystery will be solved. In the meantime, have the LE box to fall back on.

Well, although the EPG scan did nothing for an awfully long time, at some point overnight it kicked into action and I have a full EPG. I do wonder if LE’s TVH is better set up to work from the get-go, as I’ve observed some little configuration differences here and there, but if my Vero settles down as a reliable TVH server I’ll be pleased.


Yes, I think it was the same for me on first install but I didn’t think it took 2 days. I haven’t had any issues since.

What are the configuration differences?


there are some differences already noted in this thread. LE TVH required no configuration of the Freeview EPG grabber, and with the GUI view set to expert, there are still some slight differences (OSMC has a priority field per grabber that does not show in the equivalent tab on LE). There are some other small differences I’ve seen, such as whether periodically save the EPG to disk is set. Anyway, it’s working now, but was much more time consuming than I recall when installing TVH under LE. I’m not convinced that the Trigger OTA EPG Grabber function is working correctly as the log just shows time-out messages, but it seems to sort itself out eventually.

It could be something stupidly simple. I was going to compare the settings for the time intervals for TVH to grab the EPG and the time intervals for Kodi to query TVH for the EPG. The intervals can be quite long. There is also a setting in Kodi that says don’t check EPG while watching live, so if your TV is on 24/7 it would never get the EPG. And a setting to trigger the EPG grab on start-up.