UI Improvements - Add playing filename to info

I’ve had my Vero for a few months and I’ve noticed that it’s a bit of problem to check which file I’m watching if I want to quickly remind myself (‘which episode is this again?’) and I think it would be a good thing if the playing filename were displayed either…

a) when I press the Info button or…
b) with the options that appear when I press Enter.

Don’t know what skin you’re using and whether you scraped your TV shows into the library as intended … but using OSCMC skin and having scanned the videos into the library does not create such need, see screenshot after pressing the info button while playback

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Also, if the video has not been scraped into the library, the info screen shows the filename instead of the movie/episode name.

How odd. I’m using the OSMC skin on my Vero 4k+ and I do not use the Vero library - I have an entirely separate system for curating media which I browse via file shares.

And my Info information is not quite like you show, certainly no filename appears on mine.aaba

I would prefer the filename to appear without requiring pressing the Info button.

Perhaps just above the seek bar? Or perhaps on the bottom bar, in the middle?

The upper part in your screenshot is not the info page but the codec page; typically you get this codec page if you hit the context button (three horizontal bars) instead of the info button while video playback with the original OSMC remote control.
The keyboard control to reach the codec page is the “o” key, for the info page it’s the “i” key.
What remote do you use?

I use a Harmony Elite with Hub, and from what you say it’s clear my button mappings are misleading - with codec information mapped to ‘Info’ rather than - well, Info.

I don’t recall setting the mappings myself so maybe I imported them from Logitech’s library.

So I’ve just changed them - and yup, info now includes the filename, thanks.

Still think it ought show on the codec info though - it is after all the file the information is about.

Kodi had a thing called “codecinfo” and that was remove as part of a code cleanup some time back for [reasons]. When there was an excess of requests to return this information to the new cleaned up code it was added back in partial form split into two different views; “playerdebug” and “playerprocessinfo”. The latter of which is what the older OSMC remotes would bring up with the menu key during full screen video playback. It sounds like what you actually expected/wanted, and what does not currently exist, is more of a extended media/codec info screen. There have been requests for such a thing on Kodi’s forum but afaik nobody yet is willing to write the code to add this feature.