Unable to access shares after 2016.04-1 update

Hi there,

I just let my Vero 1 install the 2016.04-1 update, but now I’m unable to access any of my shares.

The following gets added to kodi.log when this happens…

20:51:57 T:1544164336 ERROR: SMBDirectory->GetDirectory: Unable to open directory : ‘smb://USERNAME:PASSWORD@’
unix_err:‘2’ error : ‘No such file or directory’

The shares are created by an external HD connected to an Apple Time-Capsule.

Please help, this used to work so flawlessly just five minutes ago… :_(


Re-adding the smb-path in Kodi with correct username and password doesn’t help.

I’m able to access the smb-share with player-apps from my iPad, so the updated Vero indeed seems to be the problem.

I have the same problem onn my atv1, not able to connect my netwerk drive from atv.
Samba from all other works, windows, apple ios en mac.

Maybe downgrade to 2016 01.1

any clue someone

Hi guys

Have a look at this blog post: OSMC Security Update for OSMC 2016.04-1 and earlier - OSMC

You should be able to adjust your Time Capsule settings. On a Windows system you can follow this:


Hi Sam,

adjust what exactly? I don’t have an empty pass field.


I am not familiar with Time Capsules. It may be possible to adjust some settings to preserve functionality. The update was published by Debian. I suspect hardened security has inconvenienced some users here. I’ll see if we can push a libsmb-osmc our side and make things easier for our users, without compromising on security.

Please stay tuned.


thanks for looking into this sam.
i also updated my osmc today, and since then i cannot access any of the file on my time caspsule.
nothing has changed on the timecapsule. i use a user + password.
just posting here to follow the topic :slight_smile:

let me know if i can send you some debug files.



edit: i am not vero, but pi2.

I’ll also be watching for any updates as my Pi2s have all dropped SMB connections and now give nothing but a Error 2: Share not available.
Same here, using user/pass combo on Airport Extremes/Time Capsules in multiple locations.

Same here. Just ran the update and lost access to my smb shares. I’m casting from my host computer with Windows 10 which is working but OSMC is unable to access the files directly.

So after half a day failing to fix this SMB problem…I’m putting up the white flag here…

Can we downgrade if we haven’t already backed up the settings ? Or re-install an earlier version ?


same here. I created a local user on my Win 8.1 media server running my Ceton cable tuner. I then entered that new user and pass on my OSMC device at the add network file location. I now have access to the files and Live TV again from my OSMC device.

After the April, 1 upgrade I lost the ability to access the SMB sharing from my iMac. OpenELEC, which hasn’t been upgraded, running on other Raspberry Pi’s can access the iMac with no problem. OSMC, running on a Raspberry Pi 3 B, could access the iMac before the upgrade but can’t even browse the iMac after the upgrade. It accessed the share thru a password protected user, so it is not a blank password issue.

I would be happy for a way to downgrade.

Hi !
I’ve the same issue…after update my PI3 won’t connect at my iMac.
I’ve always used smb://…etc

The only way to reconnect is to downgrade…

I’ve done a full backup via osmc menu and then reinstall osmc with the disk image 2016.04-1 after that I’ve restored the backup.

Now I can reconnect to mu iMac .

I reinstalled using the installer. Originally I had installed from NOOBS, I discovered what everyone but me probably knew that the OSMC installer allows you to select which version to install. I selected the one before the 2016-04-01 version. The issue has gone away.

In reconfiguring I did find that browsing to SAMBA shares gets me the no shares available but browsing through zeroconfig finds my iMac which shows up as ftp, NFS, and smb (I had manually enabled ftp, not sure why the NFS is showing up). I browsed to the smb and was able to add it, works as before. I did notice that the address it creates from browsing is: smb://, since I don’t like using the hard coded ip address I changed it to smb://imac.local:445/Rio/Video and that worked fine, imac is the name of my iMac, Rio is a USB attache drive on my iMac.

So, the upgrade issue may have something to do with Mac OS X using smb in a slightly different way then Windows does. The issue may also be related to the BIG vulnerability that was found in smb. Microsoft had issued an urgent update on April 12 for all windows to patch a critical vulnerability in smb, they supposedly coordinated with the Linux community to patch the same vulnerability in Samba.

My 2 cents: everything’s fine after the last update :slight_smile: (2016.04-2 it is, I think).

My OSMC on a RPi2 still can access my SMB shares being hosted on a Win7 ‘server’, as could v2016.04-1 - no problems after all.

I believe that there must be some misconfigs or incapabilities concerning the used hardware in place - for I have no problems at all, simply sharing my ‘server’s’ folders using a given username and password and populating those within passwords.xml and sources.xml - throughout all devices I use, be it Windows, Android, iOS or OSMC, even after the latest updates.

It just works!

Could anybody access Windows(8.1 or 10) SMB on another Windows(8.1 or 10) as a client without password prompt? I can’t.
I believe it’s now working in designed way.
Without password you can only access computers which joined to homegroup.

Well, as far as I can see: After installing the 2016.04-1 update, Kodi on OSMC seems to not be able to connect to SMB-shares provided by Apple devices at all. This used to work beautifully before the update.

I read about ppl with Time-Capsules, Airport-Expresses and iMacs so far, with what basically seems to be the same problem. Regarding misconfigs, SMB-sharing on most Apple devices I know, is checking the “windows sharing” checkbox and it just works. It still does for non-updated OSMC and other OSes and devices.

I’m not sure which path to take from here. Are you still working on a fix, Sam?

Reinstalling the version of OSMC before the update sounds kinda tempting, as I would sure love to be able to use my Vero again.

The issue with empty password fields on SMB-share provided by Windows looks to be a different issue.

It’s the same issue, introduced by CVE patchfix to ensure clients authenticate properly.

I’ve been working on this for a couple of days non stop but don’t have a solution at this time. I will try a couple more things, but then it’s up to the Samba maintainers to put things right.

My smb share get error also after update.
Can i go back to build before without removing sdcard?

I ended up mounting the smb-share from my Time-Capsule via fstab, like some others in this forum described. I was surprised how easy this was to set up and I have a feeling that it now actually works better than before…

Cheers… :slight_smile:

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