Unsupported alpha on rpi2 after update by using the osmc settings

hi there,

yesterday i made an update on my raspberry pi2 running osmc

i did this by going to osmc settings / manual controls / scan for updates

an update was found and installed, but after that there comes up the message: unsupported alpha

when i tried to search of another update by going to osmc settings / manual controls / scan for updates
there comes up the mesaage: unsupported alphas cannot be upgraded

so now i have two questions:

  1. why are unsupported alphas installed by this way? (from within the osmc settings in kodi/osmc) i can´t remember seeing a warning that an alpha version will be installed

  2. is there a possibility to update to an regular version from the osmc settings without loosing my installed adons and my series database?


@DBMandrake you can field this one :wink:

It looks like you haven’t updated for a long time - since before May 27th in fact. This thread will explain your situation:

You can use the backup/restore function of the Update Module within the MyOSMC settings addon. Just make sure you save the backup file to a location off of your sdcard before attempting your re-install.

In short: OSMC does not upgrade to Alphas, you would have been on one already. The final version of OSMC is now out. I suggest you visit Download - OSMC and install the latest version


ok, thanx

ok, thanx

great software (i did already like raspbmc)