Update available (no there isn't)

Each time I reboot I get the Update Available icon at the bottom left of the screen. I go in to OSMC menu/update and it says there are no updates available. Reboot and repeat. apt-get update && apt-get upgrade shows no packages updates to install so I’m at a loss.


Please always run dist-upgrade instead of just upgrade.

Thanks. Is this written somewhere/why is this necessary? Presumably the OSMC update process should take care of updates?

apt-get dist-upgrade shows no available updates

I used both at one point because honestly I didn’t know if the OSMC updater was calling apt-get upgrade behind the scenes or if it just dealt with Kodi updates. But now there are no updates and when I choose update from OSMC it confirms there are no updates and clears the update available indicator until the next reboot. Surely if it knows there aren’t any updates it shouldn’t keep saying there is?

Debug logs or you are wasting your time.

Is there a solution to this problem, which I am having too after upgrading to the last version of OSMC?

You are posting in a 5 year old thread. Suggest you open a new thread and follow the instructions to submit log files

Okay, thanks, didn’t notice that. So it’s an old problem that needs solving again? No updates for me anymore…didn’t solve a problem I didn’t have and created a new one. Sorry, old one.