Update put me on unsupported alpha build?!?

Just ran a manual update on my RPI 2 with osmc rc3 installed and it downloaded something then asked me to reboot and its now telling me I’m on an unsupported alpha version that I can no longer update? What the hell happened :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Using the search function on the forum helps…

Why bother when I have sarcastic dickheads like you to do it for me?

You’re not going to get much help with that sort of attitude…

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Look I really appreciate any help but it doesn’t give the person offering it the right to be rude or sarcastic. All sorted now anyway.

And with a completely unwarranted insult like that you can expect to find yourself banned from the forum if you keep that attitude up.

While there was a touch of sarcasm to fzinken’s reply it’s only because you clearly haven’t made the slightest effort to use the search function to see if this question has already been answered, instead preferring to let others do that work for you.

It took me all of 5 seconds to type “unsupported alpha” into the search box - the first match was this thread, the 2nd match was the thread that fzinken linked to, which would have been the first match prior to this thread being created.

It’s generally considered bad etiquette on any forums on the internet to come on and just post a question without making at least some effort to search existing posts for your answer. (There is a reason the search function is there) Try that on some other forums that are more tetchy about this and you’re likely to get flamed or a terse “use the search” rather than getting the slightly sarcastic but ultimately helpful response that you did…

If you were a regular on any forum who day after day saw new people who have made zero effort to search creating new threads asking the same common questions over and over that have already been answered, you might feel a little sarcastic too. Granted this particular issue is not a common one but the answer was still easily found by search so the principle is the same.

Follow a few simple rules of etiquette on forums and you’re much less likely to have hassles. :wink:


And now everyone with the same issue who does a search will learn two things.


You love making assumptions dont you. Bunch of uptight dickheads why would anyone want to be a part of this forum anyway? Not exactly a friendly place is it.

Come on. Just admit that you should have used the search function (we’ve all done it) and that you can’t handle @fzinken’s sarcasm because you’re the uptight one.

And please stop calling everyone names like that. It’s not very becoming.

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